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Find Career Success in Apartment Maintenance

Are you ready for a career shift? Whether you’re sick of your desk job or looking for a change of pace, a career in apartment maintenance can be a great alternative to many traditional occupations. No matter your age or experience level, it’s truly never too late to explore a career in maintenance. As one of the fastest-growing areas of work, there are ample opportunities for apartment maintenance technicians at all types of property complexes across the county. Here are some steps you can take to launch a successful maintenance career:

Build the necessary skillset.   

With most maintenance jobs being very “hands-on,” there is a multitude of skills needed to excel. Fortunately, most of the skills required in the maintenance field can be easily acquired through basic training and entry-level work experience. Workers who have a core set of technical skills and knowledge in the areas of plumbing, hardware replacement, power equipment and general repairs are generally most qualified for a variety of positions. A thorough understanding of safety procedures (such as COVID guidelines) and fair housing regulations is also imperative for maintenance positions in the property management realm. In addition to technical abilities and background knowledge, most successful maintenance technicians possess strong interpersonal abilities, such as customer service, problem-solving and adaptability. Highlighting specific skills on your resume and providing examples of how you’ve applied your skills in a real job environment will reinforce your qualifications to employers.

Enroll in a training or certification program.

One of the easiest ways to grow your skillset is by enrolling in a training or certification program geared for maintenance technicians. Many employers offer paid on-the-job training in which you can learn directly from seasoned workers. There are also specialized certification programs for apartment maintenance techs, with some of the most reputable certifications offered by the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) and the National Apartment Association. Most programs also require participants to pass an exam and acquire work experience in the field before earning certification. Maintenance techs who undergo these certification programs typically have an edge in the candidate pool and are more likely to earn higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts.

Secure a temporary position.

Gaining experience working under experienced technicians will give you the confidence to perform a variety of maintenance tasks that will be required of you on the job. In many cases, securing a temp-to-hire position in apartment maintenance is the first step to landing a full-time job and getting a solid career path underway. In particular, there are many temp-to-hire positions at apartment complexes that can allow you to gain valuable experience performing many types of work, such as wall repair; replacing air filters; inspecting for water damage and leaks; and checking appliances, just to name a few. The opportunity to work at an apartment complex will not only help you build new skills, but prepare you for many unexpected issues and challenges that come along with a job in property maintenance.

Work with a specialized recruiter.

Getting in touch with a specialized recruiter can be instrumental to your ability to not only land a new job, but ensure you’re taking on the right opportunities in apartment maintenance. There are countless job openings in property management, which can be overwhelming to newcomers trying to find their first job. If you’re unsure of what jobs to pursue, a recruiter who specializes in maintenance employment can guide you in the right direction, helping you find jobs that align with your technical skills, areas of expertise, and the type of environment best suited for you. Additionally, a recruiter will assist with the development of your essay and application materials so that you showcase your qualifications in the most effective and compelling way. Utilizing the services of a recruiter will not only make the job search less stressful, but provide access to many types of positions, such as temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent jobs.


By taking the steps above, you can launch a successful apartment maintenance career that allows you to work in a rewarding field and acquire valuable new skills while maximizing your earning potential. Once you become acclimated with property maintenance work, it will be easier to branch out and leverage your skills in different property complex environments in the future.


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