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How to Make a Memorable First Impression

Does it feel like interviewing has been an endless cycle of rejection? If every interview results in a dead-end, it’s time to do something different. In addition to your qualifications, making yourself a memorable candidate during interviews is what will land you a second interview. If you’re ready to shine, here are three tips to keep in mind:

Embrace research. 

One of the key fundamentals to interview success is knowledge about the company or organization. Researching the employer well in advance of your interview will give you a preliminary insight into the organization’s mission, values, and service offerings. In addition to a company’s website, social media can provide a vast array of insights about a company’s workplace culture. For instance, watching videos on employee spotlights or viewing a virtual office tour can give you a stronger sense of what the employer is seeking in a candidate. By bracing yourself with knowledge, you’ll be able to reference specific aspects of the company that are most appealing to you.

Personalize whenever possible. 

A major part of many employers’ hiring process involves evaluating candidates for culture fit. As a candidate, you can stand out in the talent pool by showcasing your personality during your interview. This is effectively done through storytelling, in which you may provide a narrative about your professional background along with personal anecdotes that reflect positively upon you as a candidate. By injecting a little bit of your personality in your interview responses, you’ll present yourself as a more compelling candidate who’s engaging and enthusiastic about your career and the job opportunity.

Remember the follow-up.

Your communication with an employer after an interview is just as critical as your interview performance itself. Following up with an interviewer in a timely and proficient manner to thank them for their time can often make or break how you’re perceived. Customizing your follow-up message to highlight some points from the interview will demonstrate a further interest in the company and show you truly care about the employment opportunity. Above all, always express gratitude and write your note with professionalism.


Often the simplest adjustments can result in the biggest results for your ability to impress employers and rise above the competition. By regularly implementing the practices above, you’ll be well on your way to securing a new job in no time.


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