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How to Make a Positive Impression in the Workplace

Are you hoping to advance your career in 2021? Though there are many factors influencing career advancement – including expertise, experience, and credentials – one of the most important and overlooked factors is the reputation you build for yourself at work. The impression you leave on managers, coworkers, and all individuals whom you interact within the workplace can often make or break your ability to grow both personally and professionally. In today’s workforce, perception is reality, and failing to present yourself in the best way possible can lead to missed opportunities to grow your career and increase your earning potential. Here are three steps you can take to make a positive impression in the workplace:

Focus on your communication. 

In many cases, the expression “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it,” often applies to career success. Making a point to focus on your verbal and nonverbal communication can be instrumental in exhibiting proper etiquette in all your workplace interactions, as well as professionally navigating different challenges and situations on the job with poise and confidence. Your language and communication style essentially sets the tone for how you wish to be perceived by tenants, coworkers, and managers. Engaging in effective two-way communication through active listening and acknowledgment of others’ opinions will help you successfully navigate interpersonal relationships.

Go beyond your job description.

While you should always be focused on performing the core responsibilities of your job at hand, taking the initiative to go beyond what’s expected demonstrates strong leadership and character. Even simple gestures can make a huge difference, such as offering a coworker assistance with resolving a tenant issue or working extra hours in the wake of a crisis at your property. By showing you’re a team player in all circumstances, you’ll ultimately gain more respect in the workplace as you advance to higher positions and seek promotions in the future. Furthermore, you’ll show your boss a willingness to step outside your comfort zone – even when it’s not required or expected.

Be an ambassador for your company.

There’s perhaps nothing more powerful for building a robust professional reputation than being a positive ambassador for your company. The way in which you represent yourself outside the workplace is just as important as how you present yourself at work, affecting how others view your attitude, work ethic, and expertise. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, it’s important to represent your employer with class and integrity. This means always dressing professionally at industry and networking events, making sure to never disparage your company, and speaking about your employer with respect.


No matter how talented you may be at your job, your day-to-day behaviors and decisions can have a long-lasting impact on your career trajectory. Committing to the practices above will ensure you are consistently making a strong impression on those around you while focusing on your own self-improvement.


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