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How to Use Instagram for Job Seeking

Instagram for Job Seeking

Have you tried looking for work on the “gram”?

There are over 500 million active users on Instagram, however, very few people take advantage of this form of social media when seeking employment. Believe it or not, Instagram can be an excellent tool for finding a job. Think of it as another way to showcase your knowledge and abilities or an extension of your resume and portfolio.

As one of Florida’s leading staffing agencies, and social media experts ourselves, we go over how to successfully use Instagram for job seeking. We hope you find this blog helpful!

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Prepare Your Account

You may have a personal Instagram account already, but we suggest that you consider making a separate account for job seeking. It’s easy to do and helps you to keep your work life separate. Construct a professional bio that highlights your skills and mentions you are looking for work. Include links to your other social sites and your personal website as well.

70% of employers look up candidates on social media. Almost 60% of firms surveyed said they’re less likely to interview someone if they can’t find any information about them online. In that way, establishing a social media presence is not unlike establishing your credit. No credit history at all can cost you when you apply for a loan.


Brand Yourself

Instagram is a very visual platform, so keep that in mind when you’re developing content. Show potential employers that you are passionate. Use your account to display your creativity, post material others will want to share, such as industry knowledge and motivational quotes. Be sure to incorporate hashtags similar to the ones used by the company you’re interested in, but don’t go overboard. Just use a few hashtags to punctuate key words.

You can look at other people’s profiles for inspiration and examples of what’s working to attract followers and likes. It should go without saying, but don’t post anything controversial or illegal.

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Follow & Engage With Companies

When setting up Instagram for job seeking, search for and follow companies who are in the industry that you’re interested in. Begin to engage in conversation and interact by commenting, tagging, and liking. Staying active on your account will keep you on the employer’s radar. Many companies and staffing agencies (like us!) use Instagram for marketing job ads. Sometimes employers post positions that aren’t advertised anywhere else.

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Get A Feel For Company Culture

Following a company’s Instagram account can give you great insight into the organization’s culture. It allows you to see a different side of a company and often their true personality. Examining a company’s Instagram can help you to determine if you’re a good fit. Can you see yourself as part of their team? Additionally, referencing something from a company’s Instagram page in an interview shows them that you went above and beyond in your research and puts you ahead of the competition.


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