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Upskilling: What Is It and How Can Your Business Benefit from It?

In today’s hyper-competitive market for top talent, employers are increasingly searching for ways to attract and retain the best workers while driving more business growth. One of the most effective ways of improving your organization from the ground up is to invest in upskilling employees. Upskilling, the process of teaching employees additional or advanced skills within their roles, can have tremendous benefits for your organization’s productivity, retention, and morale. If your leadership team is new to the concept of upskilling, here are some of the ways it can have a transformative impact on your company:

Improved employee performance.

By giving employees the vital tools and resources to learn and grow, you’ll essentially add to the value they bring to your workplace. Whether it’s building upon their current skillset or introducing them to entirely new skills, giving employees a platform to build their knowledge base – and boost their confidence along the way – will ultimately help them make more meaningful contributions to the workplace. There are many types of training and development initiatives that can facilitate employee learning, such as instructional videos; onsite lunch-and-learnings, mentorship programs; teambuilding activities; and peer learning, among others. Implementing these initiatives on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis will set the stage for employee growth across the board.

Filling the skills gap. 

With it becoming harder for employers to find and retain employees with the necessary set of skills to perform certain job functions, upskilling serves to fill the skills gap by helping existing employees acquire an additional set of qualifications, in an effort to expand their current roles and make them more valuable to their respective departments. This often eliminates the need to hire extra staff to fill new positions, as it can be just as effective to enhance your current employees’ credentials (along with offering the appropriate promotion or salary increase) and empower them to take on more responsibility within the organization.

Better employee retention.  

By investing in your employees’ professional development, you’re demonstrating to your people that you care about their success as individuals. Fostering a sense of support and guidance among your team has a direct effect on morale, elevating employees’ personal satisfaction with their jobs and their employer. Employees who are given a launchpad for success will be more motivated to perform their jobs at a high level, while feeling comfortable advancing their careers at your company for the long-term future.


Incorporating upskilling within your organization’s talent development practices can be a major catalyst in maintaining your best employees while helping your business overcome common hiring and workforce development challenges. The more you integrate upskilling with your management approach, the more benefits it will have on your people and bottom line.


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