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Job Hunting 101: How to Get Started

Are you new to the job market? Still trying to find your first “real” job? Despite what you may have been told, job hunting doesn’t have to be stressful. By being smart about your job search strategy, you can use your time wisely while making incremental progress every day. Here are three main ways in which you can start generating traction with your job search:

Establish your job search criteria.

Sometimes the biggest barrier to an effective job search is a lack of specified criteria. Knowing what exactly you’re looking for in a new job is the first step to finding relevant opportunities. For example, do you have a defined industry of interest? Have you determined what type of role you’re seeking, such as temporary or full-time employment? What are your short-term or long-term career goals? Considering these factors will allow you to establish your own personal set of criteria so you can target your job search specifically around your interests.

Proactively grow your network. 

No matter where you are in your career, networking plays a major role in the job search process. Even if you don’t feel you’ve grown a substantial network, chances are you know more people than you think. If you’re starting at rock bottom, first consider all your family members and friends. Informing personal relatives and contacts about your job search and professional goals can be key to learning about new opportunities at others’ places of employment. Second, formulate a strategy for proactively making new connections. In many communities, there are typically a multitude of networking events, often in the form of casual meet-ups (such as monthly coffee gatherings or cocktail hours) or formal events (such as networking dinners or industry conferences). Researching networking opportunities and adhering to a “networking schedule” will help you build relationships that ultimately transcend to job prospects.

Refine your online reputation. 

In today’s workforce, perception is often reality. Like it or not, the image you project online can heavily influence your ability to impress employers and land a job. Taking time to refine your online reputation – including evaluating your social media profiles, updating your head shot, and increasing your contact database – can dramatically impact your ability to market yourself online to potential employers and establish meaningful connections with hiring professionals. If you need help enhancing your online reputation, consider working with a recruiting firm that can assist you with this process.


By embracing the practices above, you’ll improve your job search while investing in your professional development. You’ll also build your confidence and networking skills along the way!


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