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Job-seekers and Social Media Today!

The HH Staffing Team Weighs In on Social Media for Job-seekers!

Over the last several years social media has reached new heights in the hiring process for job-seekers. HH Staffing’s team of professional Recruiters use social media to source candidates as well as check out those that apply for our open job opportunities. In fact, we search profiles daily looking for Florida’s top talent.  So what does that mean for you the job-seeker or passive candidate that utilize social media? It means stay up to date with what hiring managers are looking for; social media profiles are the new “IT”!  It does not matter with age or your industry, stay current be social.  job-seekers and social media

As an owner of a staffing firm, I get dozens of people a week applying for jobs to me directly through social media.   A frequent request is, “check out my LinkedIn profile for this position”. So we log on and investigate this new found candidate, but often times we are stopped in our tracks at first glimpse. Hint: many of your LinkedIn profiles need some polish and for goodness sake update those pictures on LinkedIn and Facebook…no sexy glamor shots; really keep your pictures professional always!

Suggestions from HH Staffing Professional Recruiters

“The candidate initially gets about 30 seconds to 1 minute of my time to entice me to keep reading on or on to the next interesting candidate.  What makes you different?  What makes you interested in the Job?  What direct experience to you have for the job or did you just throw it out there and really it’s what you want rather than what your qualified for”.  Read the job description – does it state industry experience a must?
“Tell your entire story:  Telling your work story is one of the most  important factors for job-seeker. The candidate’s/job-seekers profile should clearly present their experience and how and when they have progressed throughout their career, including titles and positions.”
“One of he most important things I look for is relevant and direct experience compared to my open position. Providing valid testimonials and endorsements that further support that experience also helps me know that the candidate is serious about the information they are trying to convey to the recruiters.  I also review how many contacts they have and the types of people that connect with, I like to see what groups they are involved with, how social are they?”
“Because recruiters give candidates/job-seekers only a short amount of time to catch their attention, your Background Summary section is critical. Job seekers should post a thorough summary about their professional experience and what they’re trying to sell or market about themselves to prospective employers.  Don’t oversell with social media so much more can be found, keep it straight forward and truthful.”
“I look for clearly defined professionalism, starting with the profile picture. Next ensure that their profile is complete and conveys a clear path through their career history.  I check for gaps and longevity on the job.   I like to see education laid out and affiliations and hobbies as well. Tell me who you are and what you are looking for.  So many people leave out the most important information.”

Recruiters Don’t Want To See

A Mismatched Profiles or Unprofessional Profiles:    Another big issue is when the online profiles do not match the person’s resumes, such as different dates, job titles, job descriptions or education – this is a big no no,  all your information out there should be the same.  
Incomplete Job History: We are turned off by candidates who don’t have a complete job history, who didn’t give a brief description of their responsibilities in each position or who indicated they aren’t looking for new opportunities recommends that candidates  keep their profiles updated and indicate whether or not they want to hear about new opportunities.  At HH Staffing we understand it takes time to provide information  and apply for jobs, but it is the first impression piece of the job-search that is important, we have nothing else to gauge you on!
Bad Grammar/Major Typos:  Other big negatives are poor grammar., bad grammar and  major typos or appearing to leave out details, this can translate into the perception that the individual is lazy, doesn’t care or is hiding something.
The HH Staffing Team recommends that candidates take time to fill in all key areas. The more descriptive their profile is, the more likely the candidate will be called about positions that are a fit for them. If a person is serious about a job search, it’s best to complete their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles. By completing these profiles, you help your job search by fully marketing your background to recruiters, friends, net-workers etc.  Are you using buzz words for your industry?
As 2014 pushes on don’t be left in the unemployment line or the underemployed grind,  get in the now of resumes and social media! Give hiring managers what they want to see…..spend sometime inspecting and comparing your profiles out on social media . Make sure it exhibits the true professional that you are everyday, use those important keywords and ask for past employers to give you testimonials.  Nothing screams professional more than a ex-boss, past co-workers singing your praises. 
Be sure to follow HH Staffing Services on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook today! We would love to hear your thoughts……what do you want to see on a social media profile?  Ask our experts about your profile.

Social media in the hiring process