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Making the Most of Your First 100 Days on the Job

Are you going to be starting a new job soon? You may not realize it, but how you approach your first 100 days in a new position can impact your long-term performance, as well as how you’re perceived by your manager and coworkers. Understanding how you’ll navigate the first 100 days is the first step to getting things off on the right start. Here’s a blueprint of how you can make the most of your first 100 days on the job:

Create a tentative timeline.

Setting goals and creating a timeline is essential to holding yourself accountable within the first 100 days on the job. For instance, you may set some short-term goals for your first 30 days and some longer-term goals within the 60-day period. Goals to get you on track can be focused on learning or performance, such as reviewing the company’s employee handbook; attending client meetings; or completing one project from start to finish. Outlining these goals in the form of a timeline can provide a clear overview of what you’re hoping to achieve within your first few months, helping you track your progress and milestones. While you may certainly need to deviate from this timeline a bit, it will serve as a helpful blueprint for your goals as your new position gets underway.

Ask meaningful questions.

One of the most underrated things you can do in your first few months on the job is to ask meaningful questions of your boss or coworkers. No employer should expect you to know everything, and your company should expect to help you with the learning curve as you become acclimated. Rather than asking a million questions during your first week, make a habit of taking in your questions, writing them down, and seeing first if you can figure out the answers on your own time. Then, if you still have unanswered questions, it’s best to go to your supervisor with your questions at once so they can be addressed in a comprehensive and professional way. This will show your boss that you’ve given thought to your questions and want to learn so you can contribute your talents in the best way possible.

Look for opportunities to learn. 

Rather than feel deflated by challenges or setbacks that may come your way, shifting your mindset by looking for opportunities to learn can be instrumental to your success. You can demonstrate a willingness to learn by applying your skills to new projects, observing the work of coworkers, and taking an interest in professional development opportunities within your company. No matter where you are in your career, there is always room for improvement – especially as you work on your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. Additionally, proactively asking for feedback about your performance will help you understand what adjustments can be made to your day-to-day routine.

Exhibit leadership potential. 

The best employees are those who know how to exhibit superior leadership potential even in the early days of a new job. Taking initiative and going beyond the scope of your job description will show your manager you have a willingness to exceed expectations and contribute to the organization in different ways. Showcasing your leadership potential also involves strengthening your relationships with others in the workplace, as well as engaging in active listening and teambuilding. Applying yourself in a leadership capacity right out of the gate will be key to building a reputation as an effective leader in your workplace who can work well with others.

Continually invest in yourself. 

It’s critical to continually invest in yourself, even well beyond your first 100 days on the job. There are many ways to do this, including gaining additional training, earning advanced certifications or degrees, building your personal brand, and expanding your network. Capitalizing on opportunities to leverage your strengths and overcome challenges will help you gain the critical knowledge and tools to continually grow and become a better version of yourself in the workplace and in your industry at large. Investing in yourself will always suit you well as you pursue higher positions, promotions, or other jobs elsewhere.


Taking advantage of your first 100 days on the job to showcase your expertise, learn from mentors, and gather as much knowledge as possible, can ultimately set the stage for accelerated growth and success. With the tips above, you can put together a plan that allows you to leverage this initial period of growth upon beginning a new position.


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