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Need help with your job search? Unsure where to begin?

Start your job search with HH Staffing Services! As one of the leading staffing agencies in Florida, employment assistance is our specialty! 

One of the most commonly asked questions from job seekers is, “How do I apply?”

Our infographic (below) will walk you through the 7 simple steps of our application process. Let’s get started!

One-click management

Step 1) 
Log on to our website: www.hhstaffingservices.com
– You can log in from any computer or your mobile device (our website is mobile-friendly), but we do suggest you use a PC as it may be difficult to navigate between multiple pages
– We also invite you to come in to our corporate office in Sarasota and fill out the online application

Step 2)   Click on “Apply Now” and choose one of our 4 major divisions in the dropdown
(Office/Professional, Light Industrial, Accounting/Finance, Property Management)
– We suggest picking the industry that best represents your skills and experience
– You are not locked into anything, and you may still be considered for placement in any industry

Step 3)   Make sure all information is filled in and accurate before you submit your application
– Pay particular attention to the sections with an asterisk
– Please note: once submitted your application cannot be edited

Step 4)   When your application is finished, a confirmation page will pop up and you will be prompted to send us a word document of your resume to customerservices@hhstaffingservices.com
– Feel free to attach a cover letter or any references you feel may be appropriate
– We will make sure your resume is attached to your application

Step 5)   Call and check in with our corporate office to confirm we have received all your information  (941)751-6262
– We encourage you to introduce yourself and tell us a little more about your previous work experiences and background
– You are also welcome to stop by our office located at 2910 University Parkway, Sarasota, FL 34243 —we very much enjoy meeting candidates face to face!

Step 6)   Wait for one of our representatives to contact you
– We have a highly motivated team who is dedicated to finding you employment as soon as possible, during this process we appreciate your patience, as we have a high volume of applicants we are serving
– Please feel free to call with any inquires

Step 7)   Get to work!
– We offer temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions
– Please remember to turn in your time-sheet by 9AM on Mondays to ensure you will be paid!

Lastly, if you are satisfied with our service, we would love to hear your feedback so please give us a short review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!

Jobseeker Application Process