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New Employee Orientation 101… Are You Doing it Right?

new employeeWhen you hire a new employee through our Sarasota, Orlando, St. Petersburg, or Bradenton staffing service, there are more steps to take than simply assigning that person a desk and introducing them to other employees in their department. Whether the employee is a temp to hire or has been recruited on a permanent, full-time basis, it is important that they are integrated into your team successfully. This means taking steps to ensure they not only get the lay of the land, but feel welcomed into the company.

Let’s take a look at how to do this.

Welcoming New Employees

  • Make the Initial Contact- You’ve gone through the interview process, and thanks to our professional staffing services, your new hire has been evaluated completely. The next step is the job offer. Once that employee signs on the bottom line, you might think you’re job is over; after all, you’ve successfully recruited a new employee. It isn’t though. At this time, it is important to let the new worker know just how excited the company is to have them join the team. Make a call, send an email, or write a note. Let them know that you are truly looking forward to working with them.
  • Don’t Wait on Information- It might be easier to hand a new employee their benefits information and employee handbook on the first day, but that gives them no time to prepare for their new position. Instead, send them out early. If the documents are online, the links to this information can be included at the bottom of your welcome email.
  • Make Contact Again- Have the human resources department at your company send a welcome letter to the new full-time or temp to hire worker. This letter should include helpful information, including the date they will start, their work hours, the time they should arrive, dress code, the first day’s schedule, and details on where to go when they arrive.
  • Assign a Mentor- Being the new employee can be nerve-wracking, and it can be difficult for the employee to remember everything you tell them. Make sure they have someone with them that can answer their questions during the first few weeks, such as a more experienced worker.
  • Company Swag- Nothing makes an employee feel more welcome than being given clothing or other items that have the company logo. This makes them feel like a permanent part of the team. Decorate their new cubicle or office with company swag.
  • Schedule Lunch- Have you seen the movie Mean Girls? In the first few days of school, one of the biggest issues Cady has is where to sit at lunch. Until she develops a few friendships, she even takes to the girl’s bathroom to eat her lunch in private. Don’t let this happen to your employees. It can be hard making new friends in the workplace, so get the ball rolling immediately. Schedule a lunch the first day that includes all of the employees in the department. Then, for the first week, make sure the new employee has a coworker to eat with every day. This will make feel welcomed, and will help them begin establishing relationships with the rest of the team.

First impressions matter, and when you’re hiring new employees you have to do it right. Make a plan now to greet new workers in a positive, exciting, and affirming way.

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