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Oops, Your Lack of Confidence is Showing – Help for Job Interview Anxiety

orlando employmentEveryone knows a bad case of the job interview jitters can have a profound effect on the outcome of the meeting. Yes, you may have the skills, the experience, and impeccable references, but if your interview is strained and uncomfortable, you could be putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Panic at the Interview Site

It’s happened to the best of us. Pulling into the parking lot and we feel it coming on, –nervousness. Not just a fleeting thought and a mild feeling of apprehension; most of us can deal with that. I’m talking about the kind of anxiety that saps our ability to think clearly, makes the palms of our hands sweaty, and sort of causes us to look like a socially awkward, disheveled version of ourselves. No matter how anxiety-ridden you are, you can nix the nervousness with a few mental and physical strategies:

Overcoming Interview Anxiety – The Day Before

Anxiety often has more to do with our physical health than we might think. A celebratory night of drinking or a lack of proper sleep are two huge mistakes you can make before an interview. Both will throw you off your game. Save your toasts for after you’ve landed the job and be sure to get at least a solid 7 hours of sleep the night before. If you’re having trouble relaxing, take a soothing hot shower, a relaxing bath, or have a nice cup of Chamomile tea.

Another thing to avoid is food you aren’t used to eating. The night before an interview is not the time to try Sushi or flaming hot wings for the very first time.

Choose your outfit. Yes, this may sound trivial, but it’s actually not. Discovering there’s a stain on the suit you intended to wear on the day of your interview, or realizing you actually don’t own an iron 30 minutes before you need to leave will only add to your anxiety.

Overcoming Interview Anxiety – The Big Day

Give yourself ample time to wake up. If your interview is scheduled for 9am, don’t set your alarm for 8. Eat a light breakfast and try to include some fresh fruit. Bananas are rich in potassium and can actually help you think more clearly by regulating your electrolyte balance. Limit caffeine intake to one cup of coffee, if any at all.

Give yourself a pep talk. That’s right! Positive self-talk has been proven to increase self confidence. If you can’t talk yourself up, call a positive, encouraging friend and lay it on the line, “Hey, I’m about to walk into an interview. Tell me I’m wonderful.” You know your friends will be more than willing to accommodate.

Finally, stand tall (posture is a often a reflection of how you feel about yourself), take a deep breath, and make it happen.

The Perks of Being Part of a Team

If you’re job hunting alone, you may want to consider the benefits of being part of a team. There’s more to working with a temporary staffing agency than simply being directed to an open assignment. Staffing agencies develop long-term relationships with the businesses they serve. Often, they know who you will be interviewing with, what they are looking for and what their interview style is. Besides that, the staffing agency has already paved the way for you. They’ve discussed your qualifications, your work ethic, your attitude, and other strengths with the potential employer. Essentially, you’re part of a team with a staffing agency, so you’re not going into the situation cold.

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