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Overcoming Bad Press on Social Media Before it Destroys Your Business

Social Media It happens every day. Great companies lose potential business overnight because of a social media post that is less-than flattering. It’s happened to the greats, most recently Taco Bell, FedEx, KFC, and Dominos, and yes, it can happen to you. This PR can occur because of misbehaving employees or even unsatisfied customers, and the bad press can make or break the company targeted.

While social media can be a fantastic way to connect and engage with employees and customers, it also has its risks. When bad press emerges, you can’t just simply ignore it and hope it goes away. Instead, you have to take the correct steps to ensure it is taken care of properly so employees and customers will trust your company once again.

How to Handle Bad Press on Social Media

  • Respond Immediately- Don’t wait to respond to a problem via social media. Customers and employees won’t simply forget what has happened, and they most likely won’t ignore it either. Acknowledge the problem and make sure customers and employees know that you know it needs to be fixed.
  • Be sincere- Create a strategy to correct the issue and let your social media followers know exactly what that strategy is. Let them know how sorry the company is for the inconvenience and the problem, and be adamant about ensuring it never happens again.
  • Take Advantage of Help- When FedEx was threatened by a viral video of a worker handling a package inappropriately, they responded with an immediate video of apology. Because many customers and employees had long been loyal to the company, they received many positive remarks and experiences in response to the video. This was a major help to the company, assisting them in overcoming their PR nightmare.

Preventing Social Media Blowouts

You can’t control everything your employees, past and present, say about your company, and you can’t please every customer. However, you can take steps to minimize the risk associated with using social media to connect with employees and customers. Here’s how.

  • Be a Part of the Conversation- Use social media to create a better relationship with customers and employees. Answer questions, address problems, and clear up any misunderstandings.
  • Solicit Feedback- Don’t be afraid of negative comments or reviews on social media. In fact, ask for them. Let your customers and employees know that you are always striving to become better, and if there is a problem they have with the company, you WANT to hear about it so the company can make the right changes.
  • Hire Social Media Employees- When bad press threatens your company on social media, having someone available immediately to see and address it is essential. For this reason, it is important to hire social media employees with the help of a Clearwater employment agency. The right staffing service can assist you in finding an employee that can not only navigate all social media platforms, but also one that has the skills necessary to address concerns and problems promptly.

What would you do if your company received bad press via a social media website? Would you know how to keep the problem from affecting your company’s good name? With these tips you can stay ahead of the game and ensure a fantastic end result.

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