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Perks of Pursuing Temp Work

Are you feeling stuck in a rut in your current job? Or, maybe you’ve been on the job search for months and haven’t found an opportunity that fits with your interests and goals. If you’re unsure of what decision to make next for your career, it may be time to press the breaks and explore the employment avenue of temporary work. It may surprise you to learn about the many benefits of temp jobs, many of them which can positively impact your future employment prospects and earning potential. Here are some of the top perks of pursuing temp work in today’s job market:

Competitive pay.  

Whether you’re in between jobs or are a recent graduate looking to start making money, many temp jobs offer competitive hourly rates. While pay rate can vary based on location and other factors, you’re likely to find a temp position that affords you a substantial income while you seek full-time employment or deal with other life circumstances, such as completing a degree or transitioning into a new industry. By working with a staffing agency on your placements, your recruiter can assist in finding you temp jobs that offer pay that’s conducive to your qualifications, as well as negotiate with employers on your behalf.

Exposure to full-time opportunities. 

If your long-term goal is ultimately to secure a permanent, full-time position, a temp job can be the stepping stone that helps gain exposure to other employment opportunities that align with your goals. For instance, while working a temp job, you will likely get connected with members of the company’s hiring team who will learn about your qualifications and potentially consider you for other open positions with the employer. Additionally, the temp job will give you a chance to work for different managers within the organization who, depending on your performance, may advocate for you as a strong candidate for a permanent role within their department.

Network building. 

If you’ve been on the job market for a long time, you’ve probably heard that networking is essential to landing a job. By working temp jobs, you’ll be able to make dozens of new contacts, including managers, coworkers, HR professionals, and recruiters through your staffing firm. Expanding your network and making new relationships will allow you to acquire potential referrals for future jobs, while learning from others in various industries who may become valuable mentors to your professional growth. Even long after a temp job is completed, maintaining connections with these contacts can play a role in gaining access to other types of employment opportunities.

New or improved skillset. 

In many cases, the skills you acquire in a temp job are transferable skills that can easily be applied to other types of jobs and positions. Some of the most common skills you may acquire or improve upon in a temp position include customer service; written and oral communication skills; teamwork and collaboration; and problem-solving. Additionally, temp jobs may increase your adaptability and flexibility in the workplace, which are traits heavily sought after by today’s employers. Showcasing these skills on your resume through temp employment will impress hiring managers as you apply to new jobs in the future.

Experience in different industries. 

One of the best ways to make yourself more marketable and enhance your resume is by exploring temp jobs in some different industries. Temp jobs are available in a wide range of industry sectors, including clerical, administrative, property management, accounting and finance, and light industrial and manufacturing – among many others. Accepting a temp job in an industry that’s new can expose you to an area of employment that may be a fit for your skills and open your eyes to areas of work you may have never before considered. Having diverse industry experience will demonstrate to future employers that you’re multifaceted in your expertise and willing to apply your skills to a variety of work settings and situations. In today’s ever-changing workforce, this can be invaluable for any successful job search.


While temp work may not be your first choice for employment, it can offer a breadth of new opportunities for your career and professional growth. Being open-minded to temp jobs can have a transformative impact on your career, ultimately opening doors to new positions, industries, and job prospects. Above all, you’ll invest in your career by expanding your horizons and accelerating your professional growth.


By working with a trusted staffing recruiter, you’ll feel comfortable and confident securing temporary employment that aligns best with your qualifications, credentials, and professional endeavors. If you’re ready to find the best temp jobs on the market, our team of expert recruiters at HH Staffing is here to help!


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