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Quick Tips for How to “Spring Clean” Your Resume

Spring has sprung once again! If you’re in the season of job searching, spring cleaning your resume may help you get more traction in your hunt for a new position. Sometimes small tweaks can make a big difference, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve made any meaningful resume updates. Check out these quick tips for getting your resume in tip-top shape for spring:

Be specific with your performance. 

If your resume lists a bunch of skills with little context, it’s failing to articulate exactly how you’ve applied these abilities in real-life work settings. Describing the results of your past performance in specific terms will help you present your qualifications in a more compelling manner. For example, instead of listing that you have “training experience,” consider adding a description of how many employees you trained and what you taught them (i.e., trained a team of 10 entry-level workers on office administration software). By being specific with your performance, employers will better understand your competencies.

Update your community involvement section. 

If you’ve been in the process of gaining more professional experience, you’ve likely increased your community involvement. Making sure your resume includes your most recent volunteer positions, charitable activities, and board positions is essential for demonstrating to employers that you’ve continued building your skills and gaining experience working within different organizations. Highlighting community work on your resume also sheds light on interpersonal abilities, such as communication, emotional intelligence, and time management.

Refine your resume’s design and format.

Though the content of your resume is paramount, your resume’s format and design also matter. Resumes with clunky or overly generic formats tend to get less attention from hiring managers because they’re too difficult to read or appear outdated. Refreshing the design of your resume can significantly elevate its appearance and draw more attention to its various sections. While it’s not necessary to use an overly fancy design, a modern and clean look can do the trick!


Sometimes the most basic edits and additions can do wonders to transform your resume! With the tips above, you’ll stand out in the talent pool and significantly improve your job search outcomes.


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