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Rave Reviews from Successful Orlando Job Seekers!

Job Seekers in Orlando, Florida

Every fall and winter, we see a significant increase of job seekers who are looking to relocate to Orlando, Florida. Depending on where you come from, the rate of pay tends to be a bit lower down here. However, the cost of living is lower as well.

For example, the average salary for an Office Manager in Orlando, Florida is $40,000, $50,000 for a Financial Analyst, and $68,000 for a Software Engineer. Yet Florida State has no income tax compared to say New York State income tax, which ranges from 4% to 8.82%.

Orlando Job Seekers should also consider the beautiful weather and scenery as part of your benefit package. They don’t call it the sunshine state for nothing. On average, there are over 235 sunny days in Orlando per year. Additionally, Florida State has one of the highest well-being indexes. Probably all that sunshine and Vitamin D!


Should You Make the Move to Orlando?

Here is some positive feedback from some successful job seekers who made the move down to the Sunshine state. Perhaps it will encourage you to do the same.


“I was only with the agency a month and a half when I was permanently hired on by a management company, which was my first assignment!! The initial interview process was pretty quick, Julio was great, He made everything simple honestly. I love HH and I am grateful that they were my gateway into the industry.”


“Orlando is the most happening city. I have a couple of friends who work in Deloitte and Disney. And speaking of Disney they recruit professionals from all walks life. They have opportunities that range from a 4th grader to a Phd. Moreover America is a land of opportunity. So I don’t think so it should be hard for anyone to get a job in Orlando.”


“Hi, I am so thankful for working with HH Staffing for the past year 2013 -2014, with the recruiter Julio Nava. He been awesome and great to work with, he always made sure to keep me going calling me for different assignment. I am truly thankful for him. Thank you for your service, I will be recommending people to HH Staffing. I been employed to a great company now, but I won’t forget you guys.”


“When I first moved here I applied all over the place and got very discouraged because I wasn’t getting any calls but after 2 months all the jobs started calling at once.  I was having to turn a few jobs down because I got about 4 or 5 offers at the same time.  I accepted 2 of the jobs but later had to quit 1 cause I just never had a day off!!”


“I moved to Orlando in late 09 and found a good job in less than 5 weeks. Took my wife 3 weeks to find work. If you want something bad enough you will make it happen. If you sit around worrying about the negatives, nothing ever happens.”


If you do decide to make the move to Orlando (and we hope you do!), we would love to assist you with your job search. With our recruiting experts and extensive network of clients, we can get you to work ASAP. Right now we have several hot jobs that we need filled in Orlando – Leasing Commercial Space Assistant Manager, Leasing Consultant, Grounds, Maintenance & HVAC Technicians. For additional employment opportunities and more information about our services, please visit our website at www.hhstaffingservices.com.