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Recruiting not just for Human Resources anymore!

recruitingTalent acquisition….now a widely utilized term in recruiting.

Recruitment continues to grow and expand into its own business entity. Is recruiting just for HR anymore? From receiving incoming orders to advising and consulting, recruiting has become a value added service for any business regardless of its size or service industry. A recent survey of company CEO’s demonstrates that talent shortages are still among the top concerns for businesses nationwide. A stress no company wants to be squeezed with in this economy!

Not that long ago were the days of receiving stacks of paper resumes with hand written notes regarding candidate suitability; then transferring a large volume of paper into a basic database. Recruiters would use simple charts and reporting to tally statistics regarding resumes received, screened, declined, interviewed, and hired. A rolodex was a recruiters best friend!

Now meet the ATS! Applicant Tracking Systems are heavily invested tools for companies. They rely on reporting tools and organized tasks for recruiting. Sorry to say but this is a very process driven cumbersome aid. Lets be honest, the ATS was not truly developed to make the functions of the recruiter easier but instead for supervisors to pull reports and bring the online experience to candidates applying for jobs. Candidates receive feedback that their resume has been uploaded and received by the company with a very impersonal electronic message that is standardized and lacks a personal connection.

Job boards came onto the scene and were dominating the recruiting market, offering candidates an organized list of open positions in one easy location. They are a great way for a company to spread its employment brand and express their current hiring needs. Today, businesses rely on their company website and other great sites such as LinkedIn to achieve the same recruitment goals.

Currently, social media, social networking, and online interviewing helps create a positive and interactive communication with candidates, hire top talent, and enhance one’s employment brand. Mobile technology offers better means to enhance the two way communication with candidates.

Sourcing developed into a critical skill for all recruiters. Boolean search strings become a hot commodity with access to Google and the Internet. In today’s world sourcing is a fine art! A skill no good recruiter can go with out. Professional networking groups have opened doors for recruiters to attend events and work in a networking group to discover top talent. LinkedIn took this notion to the next level tenfold, and today many recruiters use this professional social media website as their main hunting ground.

More recently a debate has built whether recruitment should be a function of HR or should fall under a category all on its own. Many business owners agree that recruitment should be its own entity and fall under marketing. There is defiantly a value added to partnering with HR and Marketing among other key stakeholders. Regardless recruiting is an important function of any successful business and HH Staffing specializes in just that! Check out our website for further details about our company and how our critical mission can effect yours! www.hhstaffingservices.com