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Sharing Emotions With Co-Workers

Sharing Emotions With Co-WorkersCan you really be friends at work?

Being friends with your co-workers has both its positives and negatives. On the plus side it can make work a more enjoyable place to be and you will feel more comfortable being yourself. On the other hand it can make work an unprofessional environment and some may assume you are playing favorites.

Our team at HH Staffing has a close bond and it works very well for us. It makes us stronger and better communicators. We are also able to interact socially in a way that does not distract from our workload. Sharing emotions with co-workers may not work for every office, however. Here are some things to keep in mind when forming relationships with your colleagues.


Keep Yourself In Check

It is perfectly okay to express yourself when feeling happy, sad, or excited at work, as long as you do so in an appropriate manner. Remember you are at the office and not out at a bar with your buddies. Try to always be respectful of your fellow employees and do not use profanity.

Control Anger & Frustration

It is almost inevitable that you will feel frustrated and angry at some point in your career. However, oftentimes these feelings can be misdirected or misunderstood. By expressing these emotions at work you create negative energy and it could even be misconstrued as office bullying.

Don’t Overshare

You may be comfortable with your work colleagues, but don’t get too comfortable. Steer away from controversial topics, such as salary, sexual history, details of your performance reviews, politics, or personal issues that may cause problems for you at work.



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