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Skilled Trade Careers on the Rise

Are you considering a career shift to a different type of job or industry? Exploring new career options may be one of the best decisions you make for your professional growth and earning potential. The good news? No matter your current education or experience level, there are many in-demand employment opportunities that offer very rewarding career paths. The need for skilled trade professionals, especially in the apartment maintenance field, has risen dramatically over the past couple of years. If you’re open to working in property maintenance, here are three skilled trade occupations to consider:

HVAC technician. 

HVAC technicians specialize in heating, ventilation, and cooling systems, and are needed in many capacities at large property complexes. A training program or apprenticeship can prepare you for an HVAC position, in which you’ll learn from and work directly under experienced professionals in the field. While there are many certifications available, generally the most qualified technicians are those who acquire real-life experience installing and repairing HVAC units. HVAC techs work on an hourly and full-time basis, as well as overtime or holiday hours depending on their employer.

Maintenance technician. 

Maintenance technicians perform a wide range of tasks related to the management of a property, including but not limited to, plumbing, carpentry, and electrical systems. Many maintenance techs learn on the job and gradually grow their skillset and abilities by working with a team of experienced workers. Because every property has different needs, the role of a maintenance tech is very diverse and multifaceted. If you’re open to physical labor along with problem-solving and customer service skills, a job as a maintenance tech at an apartment building may be a fit for your skills and abilities.


Do you enjoy being physically active at work while keeping properties looking their best? If so, you may enjoy a position as a groundskeeper. The role of a groundskeeper at a large property is very diverse by nature, with an array of responsibilities that come along with the job. From lawn mowing and gardening to supervising a maintenance crew, there are many functions of groundskeeping that are specific to every employer. If you have a desire to work outdoors most of the day, working as a groundskeeper might be a dream come true!


Starting an occupation in one of the skilled trades above can lead to a successful and rewarding career. With the right training and experience, you’ll develop the qualifications and credentials that make you a marketable candidate for many in-demand employment opportunities!


Are you ready to learn about jobs in property maintenance? Contact HH Staffing, a Florida-based staffing firm, and let our recruiting team help you discover property maintenance job openings in your area.


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