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Staffing for Light Industrial Jobs – How We Do It

Light Industrial JobsWhy is it difficult to find Light Industrial talent?

When it comes to staffing for Light Industrial jobs in Florida, we face a number of challenges. How do we do it and how can we better assist both employers and candidates? Read here to learn more about our method.

Addressing the Challenges

One of the biggest challenges in staffing for Light Industrial work is finding dependable candidates. Getting job seekers to show up to an interview is half the battle. We would estimate that 50% or less show up. Often if we don’t place candidates immediately they disappear. It is a job seeker’s market. It is not hard to find work in the light industrial field right now, and it can be fairly easy money.

Finding the right type of person to fill a Light Industrial role can also be a challenge. These jobs are not necessarily for those who consider themselves to be “people persons”. Often you are highly supervised and not encouraged to be independent. It’s a very different environment compared to an office. Tasks are generally repetitive and can be quite tedious. You need to want to stay busy.

Unfortunately, we find a lot of younger candidates lack the sort of work ethic necessary for Light Industrial jobs. These positions involve a lot of physical labor, like lifting and standing. They can be an excellent opportunity for older, experienced workers who have proven to be more reliable.


Our screening process is what sets us apart. We can identify the candidates who are serious from the ones who are not. We also conduct skill assessments, including safety tests, which allow us to gauge the job seeker’s level of experience. However, getting the candidates to actually take the tests can prove difficult. A clean background is necessary to be considered for a Light Industrial position, though some of our clients are willing to work around misdemeanors.


Obviously, assembly and warehouse experience is a plus, but many of the clients we work with are willing to train on the job. If you put the time in to learn a trade, you can be very successful. There is very much a need for these types of positions. Trade schools offer a great education, but we do find many Light Industrial skills are passed down from family members.


There is very little flexibility in terms of pay rates in the Light Industrial industry. We do our best to educate our clients on the market trends. We have to remind them that our job seekers need to be able to earn a living. Pay tends to range from $10/hour for entry level positions to $15-16/hour with experience. Salaries can go up to $20/hour for experienced quality assurance, machine operators, and sheet metal technicians.

Talent Sourcing

Many of our Light Industrial candidates come from word of mouth or referrals from existing candidates. We find that some of the best candidates are the ones who just moved to Florida from out of state. Keeping our ads fresh on Craigslist is very important to attract these employment seekers. We strive to be the first ones to contact those who are willing to work in this field. It is a numbers game, and we would say that about one out of ten candidates are actually worthwhile.

Staffing Efficiency

We council our clients to move fast or they may lose top talent. We often rush to get the candidate through the interview and security check process. Once the ball is in our client’s court, the decision needs to be made pretty quickly, otherwise the candidates get discouraged and will interview with other agencies. If all goes smoothly, we often get our job seekers put to work swiftly, within a few days of them applying.

Potential for Growth

We let job seekers know that in this field there is always the potential to do well and move up into a supervisory position. These positions are not just temporary. Most of the Light Industrial jobs our clients offer are temp to hire, which provide long-term security.


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