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Talking Politics At Work – 3 Things to Consider

Talking Politics At WorkDo politics have a place at the office?

Politics is generally considered to be a taboo topic among mixed company, particularly in the workplace. It is considered a subject to avoid, along with discussions about Religion, Race, Gender and Sexuality. And more recently social media policies, but we could write a whole other blog on that one alone. (And we will!)


Many people agree that talking about politics at work is a major no-no. Most Human Resource experts would suggest sidestepping the topic altogether.


But what happens during an election? With campaigns are all over the news and social media it is almost unavoidable. Can you even acknowledge politics at the office without hurting people’s feelings, creating heated debates and general conflict?

Here are some things that every employer and employee should consider when it comes to talking politics at work.


1. Your Political View Is Private

No one needs to know your opinions about governmental affairs. Think of your political stance the same way you think about your love life. It is personal to you and certainly not professional to discuss at the office.

2. Talking Politics Is A Time Waster

Engaging in political debates during the work day is an inappropriate use of your time. Conversations at work should be fairly limited and they should aim to increase productivity or promote team bonding.

3. Politics Creates Rifts Between Employees

If you are discussing politics with your colleagues you may learn something about them that completely changes your relationship with them. You may find that you cannot look at them the same way again. Teamwork is likely to suffer as a result.

To sum things up, we recommend that you tread with caution when it comes to talking politics at work. Nothing good can come from discussing this matter with your co-workers, no matter how friendly you are with one another. However, do let your employees take time off to vote, as it is our right as American citizens. Just make sure they don’t come back and talk about voting in the office.


We hope this information has been informative. For more workplace best practices or information regarding our employment services, please visit our website. As expert Florida recruiters, we are a great resource for all of your staffing needs. Happy voting in 2016!