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The Advantage of Pre-Employment Skill Assessments

HH Staffing Services Conducts Pre-Employment Skill AssessmentsHH Boss and Here’s Why…

The last few years has presented several unique hiring challenges for employers.  Despite staggering unemployment claims, wage freezes and economic upheaval throughout the business community, for certain industries and specific areas of the nation, identifying qualified employees has been harder than ever before.  Though a single online ad posting may attract hundreds of responses, the level of skill and experience can very often prove to be less than required and sometimes misrepresented.  And though candidates in search of work can and do often contribute tangibly more than the sum total of their education and experience reflected by way of their ambition, attitude and motivation, it is always helpful for future employers to have an objective and realistic understanding of the level of skill that a specific candidate brings to the position at hand.

To that end, HH Staffing can give you the advantage of knowing more about your candidates during the employee recruiting process.  Whether “knowing” in your business is defined as an understanding of legal terminology, or the ability to read a metric ruler, or interpret a blueprint, or write a business letter, or use Visual FoxPro 8.0, our comprehensive list of skill assessment options takes the guesswork out of evaluating a job-seeker’s abilities.  With hundreds of validated and web-based tests at your fingertips and the knowledge that the results will be available to you instantaneously, it makes sense to add this step to your current employee recruiting process.

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