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Three Common Maintenance Issues on Rental Properties

If you work in the maintenance field, you’re probably familiar with many types of problems that can occur on rental properties. As a maintenance tech, it’s important to detect issues before they get out of control. This will ensure your property does not sustain significant damage over time. Here are three of the most common maintenance issues you may encounter on the job – and how to handle them:

Smoke detector malfunction.

A smoke detector is easily one of the most important devices in any property unit for keeping residents safe. Smoke detectors can break down over time and fail to function properly once they exceed their lifespan (generally 10 years). Typically, a chirping sound will indicate the need for new batteries or a full replacement. Maintaining smoke detectors is critical for protecting the residents at the property and making sure all living units adhere to the highest degree of safety.

Water leaks.

There’s no denying that water can cause significant damage in a short amount of time. One of the most prevalent issues seen on properties is water leakage in ceilings, walls, and flooring. When left unaddressed, water can cause the build-up of mold and permanently damage wood, drywall, and other surfaces. Water leaks – no matter how minor they may seem – can be extremely expensive to remediate and should be rectified before they become more problematic.

Pest infestation.

Pests can often be one of the biggest nuisances for property owners – and a maintenance tech’s worst nightmare! When various rodents or bugs make their way in or around a property, they can wreak havoc and become increasingly disastrous if left untreated. If you spot any signs of infestation, it’s best to contact a professional pest control company that can identify the cause and provide the most long-lasting solution. The sooner the issue gets under control, the easier and more cost-effective it will be to rectify.

By being aware of these common issues, you’ll be able to combat potentially devasting problems from occurring on your property and perform your job with the greatest degree of competence and professionalism.

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