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No Degree? No Problem! Three Competitive Fields to Enter Right Now

Are you exploring different career options? Whether you’re new to the job market or hoping to transition into a new position or industry, there are countless in-demand employment openings in the workforce. Unlike in past decades, you no longer need a degree to have a successful career. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, two-thirds of the fastest-growing jobs in the workforce do not require formal education, with many of these being positions in service trades, skilled trades, and construction trades. Here are three of the most competitive fields to consider as you make your next career move:

Light industrial.

There are currently ample openings in the light industrial sector, with a variety of employment options depending on a candidate’s skills and physical abilities. HH Staffing recruits for many light industrial positions, including forklift operators, general laborers, inventory control clerks, production line workers, quality technicians, and warehouse workers – just to name a few. These types of jobs are available in all types of manufacturing and warehouse settings, offering competitive pay rates and a variety of placement opportunities.

Property management.

If you have strong management and customer service skills, a job in property management may be an ideal fit. As apartment buildings and large multifamily complexes continue becoming increasingly prevalent across the U.S., there’s a growing demand for property management professionals in all types of capacities. Some of the main responsibilities of property managers include recruiting and screening new tenants, overseeing property maintenance, and handling financial and compliance matters. HH Staffing recruits for many property management roles, including leasing professionals, commercial property managers, residential property managers, and maintenance technicians.

General administration.

Administrative professionals are needed in a vast array of office settings, from medical offices to call centers. There are countless roles available in this growing line of work, including administrative assistants, general office assistants, legal assistants, office managers, and receptionists. If you’re looking for a job that offers part-time or temporary work, there are many administrative job options offering flexible scheduling and competitive pay. HH Staffing can connect you with administrative employment opportunities that match your skills and interests!

By being open-minded to these in-demand industries, you’ll increase your job prospects and earning potential while exposing yourself to more exciting career avenues.

For help finding your next role, get in touch with HH Staffing and start discovering many exciting job openings in the above-growing industries!

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