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Three Essential Skills Jobseekers will need in the Next Decade

The workforce is changing at the speed of light, and even more changes are projected to alter a multitude of industries over the next decade. If you’re hoping to advance your career and earning potential, there are certain skills that can greatly impact your career trajectory. Learning about these skills and investing in your abilities is key for achieving greater professional success in the years to come.

Digital literacy skills

The rise of technology has affected many jobs, making digital literacy skills paramount for many fields. As AI and other types of tech become more prevalent across the board, top-performing professionals will need to master these tools to perform various functions of their jobs. Candidates with enhanced knowledge of the digital space – including analytics, digital marketing, and cloud-based software – will likely be more competitive in securing higher-paying jobs and leadership roles. An understanding of how different technologies are utilized and applied in different work settings will be an asset for many candidates looking for career growth.

Interpersonal communication abilities

As the workforce becomes increasingly remote, it’s become more paramount that employees know how to communicate effectively in various mediums. An ability to work cohesively with diverse teams – in some cases on a global scale – will prove to be more crucial as people become increasingly interconnected and expected to collaborate virtually to meet shared goals. Being able to actively listen, empathize with others, and resolve conflicts in a professional manner are all part of strong interpersonal communication abilities.


With workforce demands continually evolving, an ability to adapt to ever-changing environments, technologies, and automated systems will be imperative for most employees. Adopting a flexible mindset is key to building resilience and working with different people and workplace cultures. You can practice adaptability by having an open mind for learning new things and practicing critical thinking to resolve challenges. By viewing challenges as opportunities (rather than as obstacles), it will be easier to navigate changes that affect how you work on a regular basis.

By embracing the skills above and remaining focused on your professional development, you’ll increase your job security and make yourself more marketable for future positions.

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