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Three Green Flags to Look for in a Potential Employer

Are you currently considering different employment opportunities? You’ve likely heard of red flags to look out for when assessing employers; however, there are also green flags that can help you determine whether a job is a good fit for your qualifications and career goals. As you are job searching, here are three green flags to keep an eye out for:

Company values.

It’s safe to say many employees are looking for more than a paycheck when it comes to their employment. Assessing a company’s mission and values can be very indicative of the type of work environment that’s fostered. For instance, a company that places a high emphasis on corporate responsibility may be very appealing to someone longing to be part of an organization that cares about giving back. You can evaluate a company’s values by reviewing their mission statement, researching their website, and asking existing employees about their experiences as part of the organization.

Growth opportunities.

Opportunities for professional development and growth on the job are always a great sign that a company is invested in their people. Examples of growth opportunities available to employees may include onsite training and development, mentorship programs; and teambuilding initiatives. During the interview process, asking about how the company helps its employees grow professionally will give you a clearer sense of the types of opportunities you can expect as a member of the team.

Work-life balance. 

In today’s stressful and often fast-paced world, employers that promote a healthy work-life balance are generally better at engaging new and existing employees and retaining them for the long haul. Taking note of a company’s work-life balance initiatives – such as flexible scheduling, a remote work model, or workplace wellness programming – will help you understand the facets of the work environment.


Keeping these green flags in mind as you apply for jobs and go on interviews will help you better navigate the job search while identifying what types of positions are best for you both personally and professionally. Most importantly, as you consider the factors above, you’ll learn more about yourself and what you’re hoping to get out of your next employment opportunity.


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