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Three Low-Key Ways to Look for Work When You’re Already Employed

It’s often said that it’s easier to find new work while you’re still employed. However, employed professionals often report not having the time or energy to devote to a successful job search. Fortunately, there are some effective ways in which you can look for work even if you have a busy full-time job. If you’re ready to make the leap to a new position but don’t want to raise any red flags, check out these three low-key ways to look for new work while employed:

Schedule time each week to review and apply to job openings.

There’s no denying the amount of job openings online can often seem tedious and overwhelming. If you’re a busy professional, it can be difficult to find time to adequately research jobs and complete applications. However, by scheduling a few hours each week, you can dedicate time to your job search without feeling completely overburdened. Whether it’s a couple evenings after work or a few hours on the weekends, finding a pocket of time each week will help you stay committed to your job search without disrupting your full-time work routine.

Reach out to your network.

Even as a passive jobseeker, there’s a major value to consistently reaching out to individuals in your network. Making a habit of contacting at least a couple people every week to inform them that you’re exploring new employment options can have a major impact on your job search. Through simple email exchanges and informal coffee meetings, you can share your career goals and receive helpful feedback and insight. In many cases, professionals in your network will keep you in mind for opportunities they may hear about, as well as serve as referrals for various jobs.

Work with a staffing firm.

Connecting with a staffing firm can provide you with access to new job openings, even as you continue working in your current position. Working with a staffing firm can be especially helpful if you have limited time to look for jobs, as your recruiter will screen employment opportunities and pass along potential job prospects for your consideration. You’ll be assigned a recruiter who will work on your behalf to explore opportunities that directly align with your career interests. Remember, your recruiter will learn about the depth of your qualifications and workplace preferences to match you with the best jobs.

By following these practices and proactively keeping your options open, securing a new job doesn’t have to be stressful!

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