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Tired of a Desk Job? Here are Three Jobs You Might Enjoy

Sick of sitting at a desk all day at your office job? If you’re looking for a change in your daily work routine, it may be time to explore other employment avenues. Fortunately, there are a growing number of employment opportunities in all sorts of industries. If you are fit and healthy – and ready to take on a more physically demanding position – you may want to consider the following types of jobs:

Property Maintenance Worker.

As the property management field continues to boom, there’s an increasing need for reliable property maintenance workers across the country. Property maintenance roles are multifaceted by nature, requiring a wide range of tasks in the management of a large property complex – including, but not limited to cleaning, landscaping, servicing and repairs, and safety inspections. In addition to being capable of physical labor, strong interpersonal abilities are essential in conducting communication with tenants and responding to urgent matters. If you’re reliable and willing to perform a variety of tasks, working in property maintenance can provide a stable and rewarding job.

HVAC Technician. 

Do you have a knack for being handy and like solving problems? If the answer is yes, a job as an HVAC technician may be a fit for your skills and personality. HVAC techs are in increasing demand, offering strong job security and competitive salaries. Needed in both the commercial and residential sectors, HVAC technicians work with heating and cooling systems on performing installation, inspections and repairs. Many employers provide on-the-job training to new techs, offering the opportunity to acquire the essential skills and experience while getting paid.

Warehouse Worker.

As one of the most in-demand jobs of today’s workforce, warehouse workers are highly sought out by all types of companies producing large amounts of inventory. Warehouse workers keep production running smoothly and efficiently, playing a key role in preparing orders, receiving shipments, tracking inventory, stocking shelves, and packing boxes, among many other tasks. Typically, warehouse positions require minimal education and experience, making them very accessible. If you’re organized and thrive in a fast-paced setting, you may be well suited for a warehouse job, either on a full-time or seasonal basis.


The job options above are projected to increase in demand, making them solid alternatives to traditional desk jobs. If you’re looking for a career path offering ample growth opportunities and competitive pay, one of these jobs may be ideal.


At HH Staffing, we help all types of candidates discover new employment options that match their skills and interests. Our firm specializes in staffing for a variety of industry sectors, including property management, HVAC, and light industrial, among many others. Get in touch and let one of our experienced recruiters help you find your next job!


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