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Three Questions to Ask Your Team to Improve Productivity

Do you manage employees in your current role? Among many responsibilities, it’s a manager’s job to be their team’s biggest cheerleader. The most effective managers are those who motivate their employees to succeed and reach company goals in a productive and collaborative way. Managers who regularly seek feedback from employees often drive the most positive change within their organizations. As a manager, here are three questions to ask every member of your team:

Are you dealing with any challenges?

Because many employees will not feel comfortable openly sharing their challenges, asking this question can allow your managers to identify any pain points your team may be experiencing. In some cases, employees may express dissatisfaction with the way in which they’re managed. Others may provide feedback about the morale at your organization or a lack of resources or training. While it’s not always enjoyable to hear about employees’ struggles, this is an essential step toward making meaningful changes within your organization that lead to improved productivity and outcomes.

Do you fully understand your role and responsibilities?

It’s easy to assume employees understand what’s required in their roles; however, often expectations can be unclear, especially for newer employees who may still be acclimating to their jobs. Making sure employees have a strong grasp of their responsibilities is crucial not only for their job performance, but for their ability to work well with others on the team to reach common goals. If an employee is confused or uncertain about how they should be spending their time at work, it’s a manager’s job to provide clarity about the function of their roles.

Do you need any additional support?

Sometimes it’s best to simply ask employees what type of support they need to perform better at their jobs or feel happier at work. It’s important to remember that support from an employer can come in many forms and every employee has unique needs and circumstances. For instance, some employees may request more flexibility with their schedules, while others may want more autonomy in their roles. Depending on an employee’s abilities or career goals, you can offer help or customized assistance in a way that specifically benefits them.

By asking your team these questions on a regular basis, you’ll have the knowledge and insight to improve employees’ performance and productivity. Most importantly, your employees will feel more appreciated and valued for their contributions.

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