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Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job

Are you on the verge of quitting your job? There’s no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has left many employees feeling deflated and uninspired in their current roles. However, before jumping ship, it’s important to have a full understanding of what you’re hoping to gain from leaving your current position. Here are three questions to ask yourself before making the decision to quit:

Have my work priorities changed?   

The pandemic has certainly played a role in shifting the priorities of many employees, especially those who have been affected by new work routines and childcare obligations. For example, if you’ve begun to value flexibility or remote work options, you may want to work for a company that allows you to work strictly from home. Depending on your personal circumstances and employment preferences, knowing what to prioritize in your future job is essential.

What are my long-term career goals? 

Identifying your long-term career goals is essential before embarking on a new job search. Investing time and energy into discovering what type of field and position will make you happiest is critical to obtaining greater career satisfaction. There are many things to consider when establishing long-term goals, including salary, role advancement and work-life balance. Remember, your goals will be completely different than somebody else’s. For some, obtaining a job with more flexibility may be your top priority, while others may seek a job solely for higher pay. Determining what’s most important for you and your lifestyle is key to making a positive career change.

Do I have a realistic plan? 

Failing to plan before quitting a job is a surefire way to  Long before putting in your resignation letter, you should formulate a realistic plan for what you’ll do next. For example, if you’re hoping to enter a new field, are you pursuing required education or training? Or, if you’re taking a break from employment for personal reasons, have you saved money to ensure you’re financially secure? Whatever your situation, knowing what your next steps are is key to any successful transition.


As you consider quitting, being honest with yourself and reflecting on the questions above can help you map out your future, allowing you to develop a solid framework for how to move forward. Most importantly, you’ll feel well prepared to take on your next endeavor with confidence and ease.


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