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Three Reasons NOT to Stall Your Job Search During the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, many people are getting ready to take time off from their daily grind to relax and rejuvenate. However, as a jobseeker, there are many reasons to take advantage of the holiday season for your job search. While it’s tempting to take a couple of weeks off, it’s far better to stay on track and ramp up your efforts. Here are three reasons not to stall your job search during the holidays:

Less competition

With so many people taking a break from their job search during the holidays, you’ll be able to stand out better from the competition and shine among the talent pool. Less competition also means access to more opportunities, as job positions are often posted longer, and companies tend to have a greater demand for top-notch talent as the year comes to an end. When many are taking a hiatus from their job hunt until January, use this time to accelerate your search and make the strongest impression possible.

Prime networking opportunities

Need to start networking more? There are ample events during December and early January, including holiday parties, social gatherings, and community events. Holiday events present prime networking opportunities for you to connect with new people, introduce yourself, and learn about potential job prospects. You can mix business with pleasure by using these events to socialize while strategically discussing your job search and career goals.

More time to work on applications

If you’re currently employed, the holidays may provide some much-needed time off to use toward working on application materials, including your resume, cover letters, or portfolio. You can use your downtime to complete applications on the days you’re off from work, which can reduce your stress levels and give you the mental clarity to apply to jobs when you’re most focused and motivated.


By keeping your job search moving full force ahead during the holiday season, you’ll be locked and ready to go into the new year! Ready to give your job search a boost? Start your search today with HH Staffing and learn about our exciting employment opportunities.

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