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Three Red Flags Candidates are Seeing in Your Job Descriptions

With the “war on talent” becoming prevalent across all industries, job descriptions have the potential to make or break the ability of employers to fill open positions. As an employer, it’s important to pay close attention to the quality of your job descriptions, especially if finding the right talent has been an uphill battle. There are many red flags that could be driving away talent and resulting in poor hiring outcomes. Here are some of the most common red flags that may be detrimental to your talent development efforts:

Unclear description of responsibilities.

An effective job description should clearly state the types of responsibilities and duties involved in the role. If a job posting is too broad or unclear, it will quickly turn away candidates who won’t understand the nature of the role and what will be involved in terms of the day-to-day execution of tasks. A job description should give a comprehensive overview of not just a job’s responsibilities, but how the position fits within the context of the organization and its mission. Being as clear and concise as possible will ensure candidates get a strong sense of the job and how their qualifications may be a fit.

No pay transparency.

If your job descriptions make no mention of salary – or are extremely vague about disclosing any information about pay – this can be a major deterrent for many candidates. Jobseekers in today’s market are attracted to employers that are honest about salary, as well as benefits packages and perks offered. While it’s not critical that you provide the exact salary or hourly pay, it’s important that candidates are given a range of pay they can expect from the position.

Little acknowledgment of work-life balance.

Work-life balance continues to remain a top priority for all types of job seekers, and employers that promote and highlight work-life balance initiatives will naturally generate more interest from candidates. In your job descriptions, it’s important to include information about remote work options, flextime policies, and other related benefits. Failing to acknowledge a commitment to your employee’s health and well-being is a surefire way to turn away top talent.

These are just a few major red flags that could be costing you the best candidates on the market. By formulating informative and compelling job descriptions, you can elevate your recruitment efforts and generate a higher-quality pipeline of talent.


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