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Three Secrets for Attracting Passive Candidates

Is your organization finding it increasingly difficult to find the right types of candidates? As recruitment has become more competitive than ever before, companies must shift their hiring strategies and take new approaches. In many ways, targeting passive candidates can prove to be a successful recruitment strategy for regularly attracting top quality talent without spending absorbent amounts of time and money. Unlike active candidates (those who actively apply to your jobs and express interest in your organization), passive candidates are qualified individuals who may consider working at your company but who are not actively searching for a new job. Generating interest from passive candidates can be a game-changer for your company’s recruitment and hiring outcomes, bringing in new talent on a regular and sustainable basis. However, consistently attracting passive candidates requires a comprehensive approach that elevates every aspect of your organization in the public eye – from workplace culture to professional advancement opportunities. As you aim to improve your recruitment and hiring outcomes, here are three secrets for attracting passive candidates:

Invest in your company’s online presence.

Just as candidates’ online reputations are important in the eyes of employers, companies must equally invest in their online presence to attract talent. A strong online presence is a major driver for hiring and recruitment, playing a role in candidates’ perception on many levels. A company’s online presence has many components – a website, social media profiles, videos, media coverage, and reviews. Taking control of your company’s online presence – and actively managing your digital channels – is essential for cultivating positive perceptions among passive candidates who will inevitably research your company online before applying or considering opportunities. As your recruiters and hiring managers communicate with passive candidates, they will naturally pass along information and links that lead to your online presence. Over time, robust and compelling digital channels will be a key element for engaging passive candidates, including educating them about your corporate culture, benefits, and perks; showcasing employee testimonials; and highlighting corporate responsibility initiatives. There are many ways to make your online channels captivating, which can include adding vibrant photography, engaging videos, and an informational blog. If you believe your digital marketing strategy could use improvement, consider hiring a professional website company to revamp your marketing efforts and make sure you’re presenting your company in the best light possible.

Revamp job descriptions.

Is your HR team still using the same job descriptions from several years ago? Job descriptions should always be evolving, based on your company’s ongoing needs and changes. As your corporate culture continues to change, so should your hiring tactics. Revamping job descriptions to better reflect your company’s mission and values can be instrumental in drawing passive candidates to your openings. It’s also effective for generating more interest from professionals who would consider leaving their current position for an opportunity at your company. As you revamp job descriptions, consider including information that goes beyond the scope of the jobs themselves. This can include information about growth and advancement opportunities at the company; benefits and perks; and organizational mission and values. By enhancing your descriptions to incorporate elements of your employer brand, you’ll be marketing your organization to passive candidates in a way that both educates and informs about what you have to offer them both personally and professionally. As passive candidates learn more about the employment opportunities with your organization at large, they will be more inclined to explore job openings and learn about how they’d be able to grow their careers on your team. Over time, this results in more passive candidates ultimately applying to your jobs and taking an interest in what your company has to offer them in terms of professional opportunities, salary potential, and overall advancement.

Expand your candidate focus.

Often companies get very locked into an ideal “candidate profile” focusing all their time and attention on one or two types of candidates. However, when recruiting passive candidates, this approach can be detrimental to growing a diverse team of highly qualified individuals who can make meaningful contributions to your organization. For example, if your current focus is only on candidates with a certain degree or educational background, you may be unnecessarily limiting your reach. Rather than limit your hiring to candidates with a specific credential, consider candidates who demonstrate the potential to acquire the necessary skills required for the job. While they might not have the ideal credentials on paper right away, you can offer opportunities to invest in their education and growth once they’ve been hired. By bringing an open mind to the recruitment and hiring process, you can vet passive candidates with the foundational abilities to excel at your organization.


By putting the practices above into action, you can effectively attract and hire passive candidates who can become an asset to your company. Over time, you’ll see how these candidates can transform your organization and add value to your overall workplace culture.


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