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Three Tips for Scoring Big on Your Next Performance Review

Do you dread performance reviews? While reviews are not always the most pleasant experience, they are a critical part of professional growth. From showcasing your achievements to setting clear goals, reviews provide prime opportunities to advance your career and receive well-deserved recognition! As you grow your career, here are three tips for how to score big on your next review:

Be open-minded.

Reviews are intended to provide insights into your work performance, which you may perceive as positive or negative – or both. However, bringing an open mind to a review will show your manager that you’re willing to accept constructive criticism and want to work on yourself. Your attitude, mindset, and the way in which you choose to interpret your boss’s feedback can often make or break your ability to reverse poor performance and make positive changes in your job.

Quantify specific achievements.

Unless you quantify specific achievements, your boss may not recognize everything you’ve accomplished! It’s important to discuss all your contributions to the workplace, no matter how big or small they may seem. It’s most impactful to quantify your achievements; for example, you may share that you’ve been consistently exceeding your monthly sales quotas or that you’ve trained three new staff members. By describing specific circumstances and details, you can present yourself as a compelling employee who’s committed to accelerating your career.

Set attainable goals.

At the end of every performance review, it’s important to establish one or two attainable goals to achieve before your next review. Based on the feedback you receive from your manager or supervisor, you can identify goals that may be related to leveraging strengths or improving weaknesses. For instance, if you are excelling in your organizational abilities, you may aim to further increase your weekly productivity. Or, if you’re struggling to meet daily expectations in your role, you may need to set a more realistic daily work schedule. Setting goals allows you to stay on track and continue progressing within your organization.

By putting these tips into practice, you’ll be able to successfully navigate performance reviews and make meaningful changes to your career trajectory moving forward!

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