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Three Tips for Staying Safe in Physical Labor Positions

Any job that requires physical labor can be taxing on the body, especially over the course of several months or years! Taking steps to protect your body and follow best practices will help you maintain optimal health and safety in the workplace, allowing you to successfully perform your job. If you currently work in a labor position, here are three tips to help you stay as safe as possible:

Follow safe lifting guidelines.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are proper lifting techniques that are recommended for all labor workers. Companies that enforce safe lifting protocols protect employees from serious or life-threatening hazards in the workplace. As an employee, you’ll likely be required to participate in safe lifting training, which may cover several important topics, including best ergonomic practices, safe lifting techniques and use of equipment, and procedures for reporting work-related injuries.

Wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is one of the first lines of defense against physical harm in the workplace. In addition to preventing injury, there are many reasons to wear PPE, including protecting against the potential for long-term medical conditions (such as cancer) and ensuring you are not liable for any injuries you may sustain at work. By wearing PPE gear on a regular basis, you’ll minimize physical risk in the workplace while reducing your stress! You’ll ultimately improve your performance and feel more confident performing tasks that require the use of heavy equipment or toxic substances.

Take equipment safety precautions.

With many labor jobs requiring the handling of heavy equipment, it’s essential that you know how to operate all types of machinery safely. It’s important to avoid operating any tools or machinery unless you are formally trained by an experienced worker. Furthermore, you must be aware of your surroundings and those around you when operating any piece of equipment. Communicating with team members in your environment before operating equipment is paramount for keeping yourself and others safe.

Being vigilant about following these practices is critical for ensuring your personal safety in any physical labor position. Above all, it’s always best to express any safety concerns directly with your manager so you feel comfortable in your workplace!

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