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Three Unexpected Reasons It Pays to Search for a Job this Summer

Have you been looking for a job, but thinking about pumping the breaks on your search this summer? Not so fast! Taking a step back from your job search during the summer months can derail your progress and have a negative impact on your employment outcomes. Here are three unexpected reasons it pays to continue (or even start) your job search during the summer:

Less competition.

In general, competition for jobs during the summer tends to lessen. With fewer candidates applying due to vacations and other distractions, there’s a major benefit of using the summer to ramp up your search efforts. Additionally, it’s common for employers to start actively filling positions in August with the goal of hiring new employees for the fall. This means there are often numerous job postings as early as June, as many companies spend the first part of summer reviewing applications and scheduling interviews. Remember, it can take several weeks (or months) to go through the hiring and onboarding process before you’re officially ready to start!

More time for networking.

With networking arguably playing a role in many successful job searches, there’s a major benefit of using your time in the summer to pursue more opportunities that allow you to connect with potential employers. You may discover that your professional contacts have more flexibility for coffee meetings and informational interviews than during other times of the year. Additionally, there are often a multitude of informal networking events during the summer in which you can mingle with others and learn about new job opportunities in your community. From expanding your network to getting noticed by more employers, you’ll get one step closer to landing your next position.

Seasonal demand.

If you’re looking for a seasonal job or ready for a career shift, summertime can be ideal for finding a new position quickly! There’s a wide range of industries – such as property management, manufacturing, and light industrial – that have an increased need for all types of workers during the summer. High staffing demands often result in relatively fast hiring in which you may obtain a new position in as little as a couple of weeks. Rather than be forced into lengthy interviewing or onboarding procedures, you’ll hit the ground running without wasting any time!

These are just some of the reasons to use the summer to your advantage – especially if you’re serious about securing a new job before the end of the year.

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