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Three Ways Generation Z Can Differ from Millennials in the Workforce

If you’re involved with hiring for your company, you’ve probably discovered the increasing number of Generation Z candidates applying to jobs. While you probably have experience managing millennials, it’s important to understand that Generation Z employees bring an entirely new set of traits and qualities to the workforce. Here are some of the most notable traits that differentiate Generation Z from millennials in the workplace:

Independent and entrepreneurial.

One of the most notable differences between Generation Zer’s and millennials is that Gen Z workers are very independent and entrepreneurial. They prefer not to be overly managed and find it rewarding to introduce their own ideas and embark on their own projects. Research of this generation indicates that their need for independence is heavily correlated to their desire for competition and recognition in their roles. Managers can positively support Generation Z employees by allowing them to take on their own initiatives to make meaningful contributions in their work environment.

Adaptable and multitasking.

Unlike millennials, Generation Zer’s have grown up exclusively with access to technology. As a result, this generation is extremely savvy at multitasking in the workforce. Employers can leverage this strength by allowing these workers to take on multiple assignments or tasks at once, which can be very beneficial as workforce needs change rapidly. From utilizing new technologies to filling in staffing gaps, embracing this generation’s multitasking strengths can help your organization thrive even when internal challenges arise.

Virtually oriented.

Perhaps what’s most different about Generation Z is their affinity for virtual communication. As workplaces are rapidly turning to video meetings and digital management platforms, this generation has become extremely adept at working in a virtual capacity. For employers that have a fully remote or hybrid work model, hiring Generation Zers for virtual roles or jobs requires minimal training and oversight – especially during the initial onboarding process.

These are some of the most defining traits that separate Generation Z from millennials; however, there are many other qualities that set this generation apart in the workforce. By being mindful of the traits above, your team can effectively manage and empower Generation Z employees!

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