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Three Ways to Be Productive on Your Lunch Break

Do you feel like you’re falling behind at work and can’t seem to catch up? Are you constantly stressed and overwhelmed? Your lunch break can present the ideal time to get caught up, regroup your thoughts, and maximize your time on the job. By making the most of your lunch break, you can stay on track to complete your daily workload and meet deadlines. Here are three ways to stay productive during your lunch break:

Revisit your to-do list.

During your lunch break, it can be beneficial to revisit your to-do list for the day and assess what you’ve completed, as well as what still needs to get done. In some ways, using your lunch break to take a step back and reset can be very beneficial for your work performance and mental clarity. Whether you add or remove things on your to-do list, using a few minutes during your lunch break can be key to better navigate the rest of your day.

Complete miscellaneous tasks.

If you’re buried in miscellaneous tasks, often your lunch break can give you just the right amount of time to knock these off your list. Work that’s mindless, such as inputting information in a system or filing papers, can easily be done during your lunch break when you’re not focused on projects and assignments that require more attention and concentration. Even spending just 15 minutes during your break completing a few lingering tasks can clear up your schedule and put your mind at ease!

Listen to a podcast or virtual training.

If it feels like you never have time to learn something new, consider listening to a podcast or doing virtual training during your lunch break. This is an easy way to learn new skills in an enjoyable and relaxing matter while at work. Rather than fulfilling professional development obligations after hours, engaging in learning opportunities during your lunch break will accomplish this without the extra time commitment.


No matter where you are in your career, there are many reasons to take advantage of your lunch break. What’s most important is that you figure out what works best for you!


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