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How Transparent Is Your Hiring Process? Three Ways to Embrace Transparency

Can you recall the last time you’ve re-evaluated your hiring process? From a candidate’s perspective, applying and interviewing for jobs can often seem very overwhelming and even scary. As an employer, there are steps you can take to reduce uncertainty and stress among candidates while improving overall hiring and retention outcomes for your company. In many cases, creating a more transparent hiring process can make a world of difference for engaging the best candidates and improving your corporate culture. Here are three ways in which you can embrace transparency to enhance your hiring process:

Proactively communicate.

Very often employers communicate with candidates only during the initial stages of hiring, leaving them in the dark after interviews are conducted. Establishing fluid communication with candidates during every stage of hiring eliminates confusion and ensures candidates know what to expect before, during, and after interviews. This involves fully communicating your hiring timeline and what steps will be required of candidates (such as providing a list of references or taking a writing test). Openly disclosing what’s involved during the entirety of hiring will ensure candidates know what to expect and can prepare accordingly.

Promote your employer brand.

When a candidate applies and interviews for a job at your company, they get a firsthand view of your brand as an employer. There are many ways in which you can promote your employer brand in a compelling way during the hiring process, such as highlighting your company mission and values; educating candidates about growth and advancement opportunities; and sharing corporate social responsibility initiatives. By highlighting your employer brand, candidates will get a better sense of what you have to offer in terms of workplace experience and culture. This not only puts your company in a positive light to candidates but helps your hiring team attract the right types of candidates who will succeed in your work environment.

Provide constructive feedback.

One of the ways in which you can truly set your company apart from the competition is by offering candidates constructive feedback, whether or not they receive a job offer at your organization. By giving candidates feedback about factors like their credentials and interview performance, they’ll have an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and take actionable steps to improve their job prospects. In turn, you can also ask candidates for feedback about your company’s hiring process, such as their experience with your application system or the ease of communication with your hiring team. With two-way feedback, both parties – employers and candidates – can grow and evolve to achieve future success.

By implementing the above practices, you’ll attract and retain the best employees who are fully aligned with your workforce!

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