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It’s Time to “Spring Clean” Your Social Media Accounts!

Spring has sprung, and if you’re like many people, you’re probably ready to get rid of the old and make way for the new! In many ways, applying the “spring cleaning” mindset to your social media accounts can have monumental effects on your job search and career. Nobody has a flawless social media presence, and there’s almost always room for some improvement – especially if you’re in the market for a new job. Investing some time and energy this spring on assessing and revamping your social media presence can reap many benefits for your career. Here’s a blueprint of steps for how can take to get this process underway:

Update your social media profiles. 

Updating all your social media profiles so they’re in alignment with your qualifications, career interests, and affiliations is the first place to start. There are many sites, like LinkedIn and Facebook, that allow users to post information on their profiles about their education, credentials, and work experience. It’s also worth showcasing unique achievements on your profiles, such as academic honors, special certifications, or community recognitions. Additionally, be sure to invest in a high-quality head shot if you haven’t done so already, especially for your LinkedIn profile which essentially serves as your online resume. Having a clean, professional photo of yourself will be instrumental to your online image, as it will demonstrate to employers and hiring managers that you take your career seriously. As employers are increasingly searching and vetting candidates on social media, making this information readily available will allow them to easily access your credentials and reinforce your professional background and areas of expertise.

Review all your social media contacts.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve reviewed all your contacts on social media, it’s time to go through your connections and see who exactly is in your networks. You may be surprised to discover that you’re connected with many individuals at companies or organizations of interest. Once you’ve taken an inventory of all your contacts, start to reach out and message them. Often sparking conversations with existing contacts is a great way to gain insight about undisclosed jobs and acquire potential references for future employment. In general, it’s also a good practice to remove any connections who no longer add any value to your network, or who are not relevant to you or your career in any capacity. When it comes to maintaining a strong social media network, remember it’s about quality – not quantity!

Develop or refine your posting strategy.

In today’s job market, the content you post on social media can play a major role in your job search. On a professional networking site like LinkedIn, being thoughtful and strategic about what you post is highly integral to your job search. For example, if you’re interested in securing a property management job, posting news and updates about the multifamily industry will help you gain traction from potential employers who may consider you for job openings. Additionally, developing a posting strategy that’s consistent with your career goals will allow you to make contacts in your field and position yourself as an industry leader. The more content you post that’s directly related to your career, the more effective you’ll be in engaging with individuals who will be of value to your professional journey and aspirations.

Avoid controversial dialogue. 

In today’s current climate, it’s easy to get caught up in polarizing and aggressive conversations on social media. However, as a job seeker and professional, it’s best to avoid engaging in dialogue online that could be considered controversial in any way. Expressing controversial thoughts and opinions on social media sites can quickly turn away potential employers and be detrimental to your career during your course of employment. Steering clear of posting or engaging with any topics that are religious or political by nature will help you maintain a positive social media presence as you network and pursue professional endeavors.

Remember that consistency is key.

Job seekers often fail to understand that social media is only an effective job search tool unless it’s utilized on a consistent basis. Making a daily habit of logging on your social media accounts, posting industry-specific content, and having meaningful engagements with your contacts, will only pay off when done over the course of several weeks and months. Taking a well-rounded approach that includes respectful, two-way conversation with connections is critical to building your online reputation and ultimately attracting employers to your profile.


Growing your professional presence on social media requires a long-term effort to proactively build your credibility through sustained engagement and networking. The more you strategically utilize social media specifically for your job search, the more value it will bring in helping you achieve your career goals.


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