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Tips for Overcoming Job Rejection

Are you feeling deflated after not getting the job of your dreams? If you’ve recently been rejected by an employer, you’re not alone. Everyone experiences rejection during the job hunt at some point, but it’s how you handle the rejection that can make or break your job search success moving forward. True professional growth happens when you overcome obstacles and make improvements as you learn from mistakes. While rejection in any form is never pleasant, here are some tips for effectively dealing with it – and becoming a better version of yourself:

Keep your job search going. 

After experiencing rejection, it’s easy to lose momentum and want to take a break from your search. However, dialing down your job hunt is never the answer. Rather than succumb to feelings of self-pity and doubt, it’s best to continue the job search process, including seeking new opportunities, making valuable connections, and learning about employers that are actively hiring new talent. The more focused you are on keeping your search moving forward, the better you will feel about your progress. Taking at least a little bit of action every day will boost your confidence, give you the motivation to power through and celebrate your strides.

Take feedback into consideration. 

If the employer provides any feedback as to why you weren’t hired for the job, don’t be dismissive of it. Gaining an understanding of why you weren’t chosen may help you make necessary adjustments for your job search. For example, if the employer said you were underqualified, consider re-evaluating the types of jobs to which you’re applying. If most of the openings that interest you have requirements that exceed your qualifications, you may want to switch gears and focus your efforts on opportunities that are more aligned with your background and experience. While not every piece of feedback is always useful or accurate, you may gain insight that can be applied to your job search.

Seek guidance.

If you’ve hit several roadblocks during your job search, it may be time to seek guidance from professionals who fully understand the many elements of hiring and recruiting. Working with a staffing agency like HH Staffing can be instrumental in helping you gain clarity about your “ideal job” and how your candidacy fits within the scope of positions on your radar. A recruiting firm will assist in refining your resume, cover letter, and other application materials, so you can better showcase your credentials to employers. Because staffing firms specialize in recruiting, they know what employers are looking for in candidates so you can present yourself in the most effective and compelling way throughout the application process.


Understanding that rejection is part of the job search will make it easier to navigate the ups and downs of the process and use it as fuel to keep going – even when you least feel like it!


If you’re sick of being rejected by employers, learn how the recruiting experts at HH Staffing can put your job search in the right direction and connect you with the best job opportunities on the market.


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