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Unethical Hiring and How to Avoid it When Recruiting for Sarasota Jobs

Sarasota jobsWhether you’re hiring for permanent or temporary Sarasota jobs, finding new candidates can be a huge undertaking. Locating those perfect new employees can be even more difficult if your company is faced with economic pressures and you’re feeling stressed under the weight. In these circumstances, you may be tempted to alter your hiring practices in ways that are unethical or dishonest. While you may consider these tactics as simple survival, they aren’t in the best interests of your job candidates or your company.

Sarasota Jobs: Unethical vs. Legal

While the law and ethics often overlap, some companies get away with unethical practices simply because there is no law against certain situations. Laws are consistent, universal, published, and enforced. Ethics refer to how one individual (or company) acts toward another. Unethical practices may be legal, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have consequences or that they might not be looked upon favorably.

When you’re hiring for Sarasota jobs, there are several unethical practices you may be tempted to take part in, but shouldn’t.

  • Poaching- The grass is always greener, right? Wrong. Poaching a candidate from a competitor might seem like the best way to survive in this economy, but it is unethical.
  • Disillusion- You want to attract the best candidates, but you’re afraid they won’t join your company if they see the big picture. So, you fudge the details a bit by promising the candidate upward mobility when you’ve already promised the next available management position to someone else, failing to tell them that salaries are delayed by two weeks before they quit their current job, or misrepresenting the culture of your company.
  • Relatives- Your brother-in-law just moved to town and needs to find a job quickly. While you were on the brink of hiring the perfect candidate, you pass them over for your relative.
  • Community Avoidance- You’ve heard bad things about the people who live in X neighborhood. So, when you find out your candidate lives there, you find a way to make their application disappear.

Avoiding Unethical Practices With Perm and Temporary Sarasota Jobs

Most companies do their best to avoid any hiring practices that may look unethical. However, there are some who might not realize that what they are doing is wrong simply because there’s no law that tells them it is. If you want to avoid unethical hiring practices with permanent and temporary Sarasota jobs, here are a few tips.

  • Be Honest- Lay everything out for the job candidate before they are hired. Make sure they understand what your company culture is like, when they will be paid, and what their job is going to be. That way, if you hire them you’ll know they are prepared for the position and will be happy with it.
  • Don’t Judge- When you’re hiring someone, not judging someone may seem a little odd, but let me explain. It’s your responsibility to make sure they are capable and able to handle the position; it isn’t your job however, to judge them by where they live, what kind of car they drive, or how much their clothes cost.
  • Hire a Staffing Service- When it comes to Sarasota jobs, hiring a staffing service is a brilliant way to make sure your new employees are hired ethically. With the help of these professionals, you can obtain the best candidates for the position, avoid unethical practices like poaching, and ensure your company is always seen in a professional light.

Want to avoid unethical hiring practices? By using these tips and relying on the help of HH Staffing Services, you can stop struggling for survival and finally concentrate on making your company great. Want to find out more? Contact us today  at (941) 751-6262 for more information. And don’t forget to connect with us on LinkedIn!