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Are We Being Unprofessional? No, We Just Don’t Have To Hire You

Don’t Have To Hire You

A word for the wise: Don’t be rude to hiring managers –

We would like to preface this blog by saying we take great pride in assisting our job seekers and we enjoy seeing them succeed in their career. As one of the best staffing agencies in Florida, we strive to give each candidate exceptional service and the time they deserve.

That being said, just because we are a temporary employment agency does not mean we are legally obligated to interview you. If you have a bad attitude we do not have to meet with you. We have the right to refuse service. Is that discrimination you ask? Is that being unprofessional? No, we just don’t have to hire you.

What The Law Says

Florida is an employment-at-will jurisdiction. This law states that employers can terminate their employees with or without cause and do not have to provide advance termination notice in most situations. We do not have to hire everyone who applies. It is not a law that if you register with a staffing agency you must be hired.

What Our Recruiters Say

As a job seeker, you expect to be treated with kindness and respect by your staffing agency, and we expect the same courtesy from you. Applicants need to understand that when working with an employment agency you are selling yourself to the recruiter, so they can successfully market you to our clients. Wouldn’t you want to make the best first impression possible?

We recommend presenting yourself the way you would want someone to present themselves to you. Keep in mind, a staffing company is just like any other potential employer, so communicate, be respectful, and positive.

Disrespecting or yelling at your recruiter or a member of the hiring team is not going to help your cause. If you are dissatisfied we want to know, but there is no justification for being unpleasant. If you get irrational and irate with us, why would we risk placing you with one of our clients?

We recognize that your job search may be stressing you out and you may be at your wits end, but that is no excuse for forgetting your manners.

Should we get back to everyone who applies with us? Yes. However, we are human and we may not be able to get back to every single candidate. We do the best we can, and we encourage you to do the same.

Ultimately we are here to assist you, as we want the best for our candidates. However, we cannot help you if you are not willing to help yourself.


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