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Veterans….Here is why you should hire them for your Florida jobs!

veteranWhen you’re looking to fill an open position within your company, your first thought will likely be to fill the position as quickly as you can. Most often, the future isn’t a concern; you simply want to make sure the current needs of your business are met. Fixing this problem as quickly as possible may seem like the right solution, but it can lead to problems. The worker you hire may not be the best fit for your company in the long term, and the cost of firing that individual, searching for a new one, and starting the hiring process all over again can come at a great cost.

It’s for that reason that you should consider hiring a U.S. veteran through our staffing service. These individuals will not only meet your short-term needs, but have the skills and commitment to make your future a bright one. After serving their country, more and more veterans are looking to join the workforce as civilians; now is the time to take advantage of everything they have to offer.

Why You Should Hire Veterans for Sarasota Jobs

While you can teach almost anyone what they need to make it in the business world, veterans already have the skills and tools necessary to help your business grow.

  • Leadership Skills- The U.S. military sets out to turn those they recruit into dedicated, motivated, leaders. When you hire a veteran for permanent or temporary Sarasota jobs, you’ll be hiring someone who has been trained to be a leader, even under the most difficult of circumstances.
  • Ethics- A strong work ethic is sometimes hard to come by these days, but you don’t have to worry about veterans being lazy. They’ve been tested in the most severe conditions and have proven themselves to be committed and dedicated to their work.
  • Dependability- Veterans are trained to always put their best foot forward and demand the highest standards from themselves. That means that when you hire them for Sarasota jobs, they won’t be coming in late to work, taking a sick day every other week, or taking too much time during their lunch break. They’ll always be on-time and ready to go.
  • Trainability- Being able to teach new hires what you do and do not want them to do in order to ensure their job tasks meet your requirements isn’t always easy. Veterans can handle anything you throw at them, though. They are used to training, as it is an active part of their military experience.
  • Teamwork- Teamwork is an essential part of being in the military. In fact, most veterans are skilled at, and work more effectively, with a unit. This can be a great advantage when you’re looking for a new employee. Hiring a veteran for permanent and temporary Sarasota jobs means you’ll be hiring someone who knows just how important teamwork is.
  • Experience- Too many people make the mistake of thinking that veterans know how to carry and shoot and gun- and that’s it. That simply isn’t true. When soldiers enlist in the military, they are taught a variety of skills and given experience in a number of fields. A veteran may have experience in communication, IT, transportation, security, and even management. Not only that, but they often see how things work both domestically and internationally; these kinds of skills could place you leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors.

Are you thinking of hiring a new employee? Consider hiring someone with the skills, experience, and knowledge you need for permanent or temporary Sarasota jobs; hire a veteran. Our staffing service can help you locate a dedicated veteran to work for you today. Call us now at (941)-751-6262.