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Give Thanks: How to Shift Your Perspective and Embrace Gratitude

With the last few years being a very tumultuous time, many people are increasingly embracing the benefits of embracing gratitude. Gratitude and appreciation are often the foundation for career success, leading to greater fulfillment, satisfaction, and overall happiness. However, proactively integrating a sense of gratitude requires a sustained effort to shift your current perspectives and adopt new ways of thinking. Fortunately, the more you immerse yourself with feelings of gratitude, the more positivity will come your way! With a renewed perspective and lease on life, you can gain a greater appreciation for the people and opportunities you’re afforded. Here are three ways in which you can shift your perspective towards one of gratitude and appreciation:

Reverse negative thinking.

There’s no denying that negative thinking – especially in today’s world – has become pervasive and contagious. There are numerous circumstances and events that are out of our control, which can often cause us to become pessimistic of others around us. However, negativity on any level can wreak havoc on our lives, leading to lack of fulfillment and happiness over time. It can also take its toll on your job satisfaction, affecting work performance and causing feelings of emptiness and resentment. As humans, we are unfortunately hardwired to have negative thoughts and feelings. Reversing negativity is essential for gaining appreciation for your job and the opportunities you’re given. The first step to combatting negativity is to recognize its presence in your life. For example, do you wake up every morning thinking about the worst-case scenarios at work? Do you tend to focus on the bad in a situation over the good? Reflecting on your daily thoughts and being conscious of how frequently you have them will allow you to gain better control over your mindset. From there, you can take steps to overcome negative thought patterns. This can include formulating new lifestyle habits (such as exercising more); engaging in mindful breathing; and focusing on your relationships with family and friends.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

There’s a well-known saying that “comparison is the thief of joy,” and in the age of social media, it’s certainly a challenge not to constantly compare yourself to others. However, comparing your life to others’ lives is a true recipe for dissatisfaction and misery. When it comes to your job, a strong sense of gratitude is highly dependent on your ability to stay focused on your own goals, performance, and accomplishments. Though it’s tempting to compare yourself to coworkers and others in the workplace, it’s ultimately detrimental to your own growth and success. By avoiding comparisons, you’ll experience a deeper appreciation for your achievements and capabilities – which in turn will give you the motivation and drive to make a greater impact on your organization. If you do find yourself comparing a bit, consider using your comparisons as inspiration. For instance, if you notice an employee at your company who’s making major strides, instead reflect on your own journeys and consider ways in which you can make your own improvements. Whether it’s taking on a leadership role or spearheading a project, take some time to explore your own path and stay focused on what’s in your control.

Invest in your personal growth.

When you make your personal growth a priority, gratitude naturally falls into place. Investing in your personal growth – including setting goals, making new connections, and pursuing valuable opportunities – is what gives meaning to your life and allows you to appreciate what’s around you. There are many ways in which you can focus on your personal growth, including taking up a new interest or hobby; partaking in continuing education; and working with a counselor or therapist. Identifying ways in which you can build your self-esteem can be instrumental to enhancing your personal brand and forging a career that’s firmly grounded in your character and integrity. Most importantly, you’ll be living in a way that’s true to yourself and in alignment with your own values and morals.


By incorporating the gratitude-driven practices above in your life, you’ll discover greater fulfillment at work which will have a direct impact on your performance, productivity, and success. As these practices become habitual, gratitude will become part of the fabric of your day-to-day routine, having a positive impact on career trajectory and professional endeavors.


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