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Why Are Your Candidates Ghosting You?

Is your hiring team having a difficult time retaining candidates in the application process? As an employer, there are many factors that can impact candidate engagement during every stage of hiring – from the point of application to the final rounds of interviews. In many ways, engaging candidates in the hiring process is like dating – you need to keep them intrigued and wanting to learn more about your company. Knowledge is power, and becoming aware of why candidates may be abandoning your job opportunities is the first step to keeping more talent in your pipeline. Here are some reasons why candidates may be ghosting you:

Lack of communication. 

To keep candidates excited and motivated to move forward with the application and interviewing process, you can truly never communicate enough. Communicating with candidates during every step of the application process is critical for keeping candidates informed about where they stand – as well as confirming that their application and other materials have been received. With countless effective and user-friendly ways to communicate, there’s no excuse not to provide regular updates to candidates so they know they’re being considered and that their application is under review.

Lengthy hiring process. 

If it takes your internal hiring team several months to conduct screening and interviewing for a new hire, it’s likely that candidates in the running are going to become frustrated and disengage from your company to find opportunities elsewhere. Leaving candidates in the dark about their hiring status for an indefinite amount of time is not only poor practice, but demonstrates that you don’t strongly value their time or efforts to apply to your organization. If your HR department needs help in this area, consider investing in an applicant tracking system that will allow for better streamlining of recruitment, screening, and interviewing.

Failing to highlight workplace culture.

Fostering a vibrant culture doesn’t just mean engaging your existing staff but showing potential employees what your organization stands for from a cultural standpoint. It’s important to remember that the most talented and ambitious candidates are often seeking dynamic and innovative workplaces that will allow them to grow and collaborate with other highly qualified individuals. There are many ways to highlight aspects of your culture within your job descriptions, such as including information about your company’s mission, core values, and unique benefits or perks. Failing to include elements of your culture is sure to result in many top-notch candidates quickly becoming disinterested in your company.


These are just some of the most common reasons why your company may be losing out on the best talent. As you evaluate your current hiring practices, it will become easier to determine how to better engage prospective candidates.


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