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3 Reasons to Choose the Candidate with Past Military Experience

Are you aiming to diversify your candidate pool? There are many benefits of considering candidates with military experience to enhance your team. Veterans bring an array of valuable skill sets to the workforce and can play a major role in enhancing your organization on many levels. Here are some of the important skills often possessed by candidates with past military experience:


Candidates with a military background typically have very strong leadership skills. They are willing to take initiative and spearhead projects without having to be overly managed. These candidates also tend to be strong delegators who can work well with others to reach shared goals. Being able to command the room and take on work tasks with confidence and ease are the qualities of a competent and respected leader who will excel at your company.

Team player.

Along the same lines as leadership, candidates with military experience are team players who are accustomed to working with others on a regular basis. Bringing a team-oriented approach to their jobs, they know how to engage others in a collaborative way that builds camaraderie and morale among everyone. These candidates understand firsthand that it’s far better to accomplish goals as a unified group rather than individually. This is especially important during times of crisis when your employees must respond quickly to unexpected situations.

Project management.

Most individuals who have served in the military have very strong project management abilities, being able to perform tasks and assignments with a high degree of precision and efficiency. Highly competent in time management and communication, these candidates can often navigate challenging or stressful situations without requiring much help or supervision. This can have a direct impact on the productivity of your team, as well as your workplace culture.

For these skills, among many others, military candidates can be an asset to your company. By focusing on finding candidates with these strengths, your organization will prosper and grow!

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