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Why You Should Consider a “Stepping Stone” Job

Does it seem like you’re only getting offers for jobs that don’t align with your future career goals? Believe it or not, there’s a lot to gain by working a job that’s not an ideal fit – or even a job you hate! Many jobs can serve as “stepping stones” to other positions and career avenues, offering prime opportunities to learn and advance your qualifications. While you shouldn’t accept every job that comes your way, there’s great value in embracing certain positions that may help you reach your career goals. Here are some of the reasons why many jobs can be useful stepping stones to other career opportunities:

Training and professional development. 

If getting paid to learn sounds appealing, an out-of-the-box job may provide just that! Many jobs offer onsite training and development, giving their employees a chance to acquire many essential workforce skills, such as administration, sales, or customer service. A vast amount of fundamental skills can easily be transferable to jobs in completely different fields or industries, enhancing your credentials as a candidate and allowing you to expand your skill set while gaining employment experience. In addition to skill-building, an overlooked asset to “stepping stone” jobs is the chance to learn directly from seasoned professionals who can offer guidance and industry insights. These professionals often turn into lifelong mentors who support you in future career endeavors.


Any time you work at a new organization, you’re expanding your network. From meeting new managers and colleagues, to interacting with customers and clients, your database of contacts will exponentially grow. There are many networking-based scenarios that can leverage your career and accelerate your professional growth. For example, by getting to know a hiring manager, you may be considered for a different job at the company that’s more aligned with your interests. Often, as an internal employee, you may even learn about a job opening before it’s even made public. Another example of the power of networking may involve working with a client or customer who’s impressed with your abilities and offers you a job with their own company or organization. The bottom line? As you grow your network during employment, the more access you’ll have to more appealing jobs.

Learning the ropes.

In some cases, you may stumble across a less-than-stellar job opportunity at a company that’s of great interest. Taking a position with an employer you love gives you the unique opportunity to showcase your talents and prove that you’re qualified for other positions. It also gives you a chance to explore different facets of the company in identifying your ideal role. Often companies will allow employees to work in various departments or units so they learn more about every function of the organization and gain experience performing a variety of tasks and assignments. By taking advantage of this type of situation, you’ll expose yourself to more employment options and may even end up switching gears in terms of your future job criteria.

Discovering strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re in the early stages of your career, you may still be in the process of honing your strengths and identifying your weak spots. Many types of jobs can shed light on your strong suits, as well as what you may not necessarily enjoy doing. This can be very eye-opening, as you’ll be able to see firsthand what types of tasks or projects you gravitate toward, which can help you figure out what career path is best for you moving forward. Remember, learning what you don’t like (or what you’re not good at) can be just as powerful as learning what you do like! Never underestimate the power of self-discovery that can often come with a job that doesn’t seem very thrilling. In many cases, you’ll walk away from a position with a renewed sense of clarity about what you’re meant to pursue in your professional journey.

Building character.

All types of employment experience, no matter the type of job or title, help to build character and demonstrate to other employers intangible character traits of responsibility, accountability and trust. This is why focusing on your performance in a position that may not be your long-term preference can be transformative for future career prospects, enhancing your resume and allowing you to build a list of quality references.


No matter where you are in your career journey, many forms of employment can be beneficial for your professional and personal growth. Harnessing every job and embracing the opportunities available with different employers can bring your career to the next level in ways you may have never imagined possible!


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