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Will hiring temporary employees cause an upheaval among your staff?

Ft. Lauderdale jobsHi readers, I am Karen Rehn, CEO of HH Staffing Services in Sarasota Florida. I have over 26 years of staffing experience and spend many hours a week consulting with our client and job seeking population. I blog daily on the hottest issues in your industries and work hard to spread my experiences with customers, college grads, job seekers, local businesses and organizations. Ask The Boss is a great outlet for our job seekers and customers to write in and ask direct questions to problems they are currently encountering. This weeks question from a possible client in Ft Lauderdale. The owner is wondering if bringing on temps will cause an upheaval with her permanent staff?

In short, the answer to whether hiring employees for temporary Ft. Lauderdale jobs can cause upheaval among your staff is yes. Permanent staff members can sometimes feel as if they are being pushed aside or replaced when temp workers are brought in, and they may wonder if the temp is there to take over their job and make them obsolete. Because of this, they may be distrustful of the temporary employee and harbor animosity towards them.

This doesn’t make for good team work, but what can you do about it? There are actually a few steps you can take to encourage your staff to embrace temporary workers of Ft. Lauderdale jobs and work with them to make your company a happier place to work.

Preparing Your Staff for Temps

  • Make Space- Temporary employees of Ft. Lauderdale jobs shouldn’t encroach on the space of permanent employees. While there will be times when temps fill in for permanent staff when they are on vacation, ill, or have an emergency that requires time off, if you’re hiring these workers for temporary jobs in Ft. Lauderdale for any other reason, such as overflow, their job description should be their own. If you take a permanent staff member’s work away, you’re pitting them against the temp before they even start their new position.
  • Be Clear- Be clear with your permanent employees about the role of the temp in their department. Make sure they understand that the new worker isn’t there to take over their job, and that they shouldn’t feel threatened by the new addition. Be clear about the reason the temp is being hired. Maybe you need someone to help oversee a special project, help reduce overflow, or to help out while a permanent employee is absent.
  • Establish Communication- Before the temp’s first day, take the time to make sure the current staff knows they can come to you with any problems or concerns regarding the temporary employee at any time. This actually benefits both your permanent staff and the temp. Temporary employees rely on feedback, both positive and negative, to ensure they are completing their tasks correctly. They may walk into Ft. Lauderdale jobs knowing what they need to be doing, but the culture of the workplace and the way things are done specifically will be new to them. By encouraging your staff to give feedback, you can make sure the project goes smoothly and the temp stays on track.
  • Encourage Senior Staff to Help- Your current employees have useful and helpful knowledge about your company, so encourage them to use it to help the temp. Involve them in the process of acclimating the new employee to their temporary Ft. Lauderdale job. This will show them that they are a valuable member of your team and you trust them.

Hiring for Temporary Jobs in Fort Lauderdale 

If done correctly, hiring for temporary Ft. Lauderdale jobs doesn’t have to result in animosity and upheaval among your permanent staff. With these tips, and the help of the right temporary staffing service, you can make the most of the temps you employ. Not sure where to begin? Call HH Staffing today for more information 855-709-4478.    Please visit our website for more information on workforce solutions for your company www.hhstaffingservices.com

Please remember Karen Rehn’s blog posts are intended for general guidance and should never be taken as legal advice. In all instances where harassment, inequity or unfair treatment is believed to be present, please consult your HR Department or Legal.Do you have a problem? We want to hear from you! jobs@hhstaffingservices.com. Email us today!