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You Bombed Your Interview! What Others Aren’t Telling You!

bad-interviewHere at HH Staffing Services, we deal with thousands of applicants every year. Interview after interview. It never gets old or boring, because we absolutely love what we do. Placing qualified individuals in temp-to-perm or temporary positions in Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater, Bradenton, or Fort Lauderdale is our specialty, and has been for 27 years now.

But, because of the fact that we interview so many people, we’ve seen it all. Some applicants need a little bit of assistance, while others, well…let’s just say they need a little MORE assistance.

If you are an employee who never received that expected call back from a recent job interview, I’ve got 10 reasons why your recruiter (or potential employer) may not have been impressed. Most of the things on this list are what I consider to be “unspoken truths.” This means that quite possibly the recruiter can’t even pinpoint why they weren’t impressed with you, –there was just something that wasn’t quite right.

Career Realism 101 – Why Were You Rejected? Ask Yourself the Following Questions

  1. Is your interview attire completely outdated? This may come across as a tell-tale sign that you aren’t comfortable in the type of job you’re applying for. Looking like a fish out of water will make you feel like one. You’ll come across less than confident and reduce your chances to stand out.
  2. Is your interview attire too revealing? Showing cleavage or wearing a skimpy or too-tight outfit only works in the movies. Many employers feel they are setting themselves up for unnecessary trouble by hiring someone who dresses less than professionally.
  3. Are you wearing too much cologne? Does your smell overpower the room? The best way to approach an interview is freshly showered and without cologne.
  4. Is your eye contact weak, shifty, or intense? If you make others feel awkward, they will want to avoid you. It’s just human nature.
  5. Are you difficult to pull information from? Generally when a potential employer asks questions, they are looking for you to expound on them. Be brief, but definitely don’t answer all your questions with just a yes or no.
  6. Do you use excessive slang, inappropriate speech or poor grammar when you speak?
  7. Did you check your cell phone during your job interview? This is almost always a fail!
  8. Were you caught in a lie on your application? Ohhhhh, awkward. This is a sure fire way to get the, “Thank you, we might call you, goodbye.” shove out the front door.
  9. Did you badmouth your former employers during your interview?
  10. Did you offer to quit your current job without providing a two week notice to them? This is almost always a deal-breaker. You want the job so badly that you’re willing to do just about anything. Thinking this will make you look good, all it really does is hint at a character that’s lacking integrity. Don’t make this fatal mistake!

Did these ten tips help you to take a realistic look at why you may not have been hired for the job you recently applied for? It’s okay. We live and we learn. Use this information to improve on your next opportunity.

If you’re still searching for employment in Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Sarasota, or Orlando give HH Staffing Services a call. We will test your skills and match you up with a temp-to-perm or a temporary employment opportunity that matches your interest level as well as your skill set!

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