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You Need A New Orlando Job! 5 Reasons To Find A New Job TODAY!

HH BossHi readers, I am Karen Rehn, CEO of HH Staffing Services in Sarasota Florida. I have over 26 years of staffing experience and spend many hours a week consulting with our client and job seeking population. I blog daily on the hottest issues in your industries and work hard to spread my experiences with customers, college grads, job seekers, local businesses and organizations. Ask The Boss is a great outlet for our job seekers and customers to write in and ask direct questions to problems they are currently encountering. This weeks question came from a job seeker inquiring about a new Orlando job. He wants to know some professional and guilt free reasons to pursue a new career. Lets take a look . . .

The day and age of working the same Orlando job for 30 plus years has gone and past. Our grandparents may have displayed that kind of loyalty, but its inevitable that today’s employee will switch jobs at least seven times in their life span. Lets take a look at some professional reasons that you need to start looking for an Orlando job today!

1. The Company Is Having Hard Times: You don’t have to be a company VP to understand when a company is struggling financially! Things to tune into like consistently not reaching sales goals, lay-offs, ect. Take the hint! It might be time to search out your other options. Being in tune with your company’s success or lack there of may give you a head start in your job search.

2. Are You Bored? Ideal Orlando jobs are ones that provide a daily challenge without creating the feeling of being overwhelmed. Is your Orlando job just to easy for you? If you answered yes, you are probably not happy at work. Search for an Orlando job that makes you feel motivated. Being challenged at work keeps you pushing towards your career goals.

3. Gain Further Experiences: Think about how much knowledge you gained since the first day at your Orlando job. After some time at your Orlando job do you feel like you are repeating the same tasks over and over? If yes, your expertise is great for your current employer but not furthering your career. Finding a new position will force you to gain new experiences and skills and become a more valuable candidate.

4. You Found Something Better: If you are professional, successful and strong minded you are in high demand by other companies. Whether you are being pursued by another company or you are on your own applying for a new Orlando job, being in demand is always a great feeling. Having an offer to bring to the table may even put you in a situation of strength with your current position. This may allow you to negotiate a higher wage or advanced title if your interest is to stay at your current Orlando job.

5. No Advancement Potential: If you made it to the top of the ladder early on in your career, you may want to pursue other opportunities. You are looking for a linear motion to your career – as your responsibilities grow, your salary increases and you advance among the ranks. If you are currently stuck with no sign of advancement in the future, your career will suffer accordingly. No advancement potential is actually the number one reason why employees search for a new Orlando job.

Don’t get stuck in the job market! Take these professional reasons and apply them to your current situation. If you fit in one or more of these it may be time to search for a new Orlando job! Hey, don’t forget to lean on HH Staffing for all of your career needs in the Orlando area!

Please remember Karen Rehn’s blog posts are intended for general guidance and should never be taken as legal advice. In all instances where harassment, inequity or unfair treatment is believed to be present, please consult your HR Department or Legal.

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